It's been a bit of a wait, but today players can join their clone brothers and sisters in Enterra as Earthrise officially launches. Today marks the release of Masthead Studios' latest creation, bringing with it a post-apocalyptic world filled with conflict and lots of PvP action. Earthrise is set in the distant future following the events of World War III. Mankind has survived and built a new society, complete with clone technology, ensuring immortality for the human race.

“Our team has channeled years of dedication and hard work into Earthrise, and we are thrilled for those fans who have been following us this entire time, as well as those who are just now checking us out, to experience the world of Enterra,” said Atanas Atanasov, producer of Earthrise and director of Masthead Studios.  “We are already working on updates and expansion packs to be integrated within the next few months, and are excited to continue to develop and enhance the world.”

Earthrise features a skill-based advancement system, a detailed PvP system, territorial conquest and defense and much more. Check out the official press release for more details and availability.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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