like achievements and
pets, are a passion shared by many World of Warcraft players, myself
included. For me, each new mount collected is a personal achievement
that leaves me with a feeling of deep satisfaction. If you are a mount
fanatic like me, then you are probably dying to find out what new
mounts Mists of Pandaria has in store for you. Well the wait is over
and I feel confident in saying that the mount connoisseurs out there
will not be disappointed in what the new WoW expansion has to offer.

Check out the video below for a
peak at what mounts the newest WoW expansion will have to offer us. Or
if you would rather skip the lengthy video, scroll down for a listing
and brief overview of each of these exciting

Mists of Pandaria Mounts

Dragon Turtles

If the name Dragon Turtle doesn’t conjure up a cool enough mental image, I can assure you that the actual product will far exceed your expectations. With a distinct Kodo-like feel, the Dragon Turtle is far from a lightweight. Riders who choose this mount will find themselves riding on a Elekk-style raised platform located on the shell of the turtle. Decorated with a keg as well as Pandaren emblems and lanterns, these mounts will potentially become the racial mount for the Pandaren. The Dragon Turtle comes in a variety of turtle like colors (browns, blue, green, etc.) and any player taking the reigns will without a doubt be riding in style.


Another large mount, the Yak is one of my personal favorites from Mists of Pandaria. I mean…it’s a Yak! What more could you want? Shaggy and gruff looking, the Yak will come in several dark colors including black, brown, and a grey. Riders who choose to ride aboard the Yak will find little separating them from the animal besides an ornate blanket, no fancy saddles here. Complete with huge imposing horns, the Yak will be an excellent mount choice for every race.


Adding to the family of Tallstriders and Hawkstriders, I had my doubts about the Crane. However, the Crane is without a doubt one of the best bird mounts to date in WoW. With its long elegant legs, realistic feathering, and curving neck, the Crane mount is a far cry from its awkward cousins. Outfitted with an eleaborate saddle, chest guard and headpiece, riders will be able to choose from more than a few colors including, but not limited to, blue, brown, and black. Despite my love for this Mists of Pandaria mount, one can’t help but feel a tad bit bad for the Crane that will be stuck carting the beefy Tauren around.

Water Striders
The Amber Scorpion is not a mount for the faint of heart.

If you have ever been to a lake, pool, or other body of water in the summer months and have viewed the bugs who skim the water at breakneck speeds on four outstretched legs, then you already have a good idea of what the Water Strider looks like. Differing from the bugs we can see in real life, Water Striders are of course, able to be ridden, and thus just a tad bit larger. The Water Striders we will see in Mists of Pandaria will also sport lighted antenna as well as a lighted thorax similar to a firefly. Riders will perch themselves just above the lighted portion of the bug in a saddle affixed to the Water Strider’s back. It remains to be seen if this bug will stay true to its real life heritage and be able to walk on water. If this is the case, I can see this becoming a popular and much sought after mount indeed.

Jeweled Panthers

If you have ever wished for a Panther mount with a twist, then the Jeweled Panther will be a dream come true. While clearly a panther, this mount model looks like it is made from hard metal rather than flesh and blood. True to their name the Jeweled Panther is decorated with jewels that are more like stones than shiny gems. Coming in a variety of bright colors, the Jeweled Panther is a refreshing change from your typical animal mount.

Amber Scorpion

If big and bad mounts are your thing then look no further than the Amber Scorpion. Covered in metallic looking plating, the Amber Scorpion has claws that will certainly deter players who are faint of heart from riding it. However, despite its fearsome appearance there is no doubt that this is a good looking mount. It remains unknown if the Amber Scorpion will come in other colors or where one can actually obtain this mount.

Which are your favorite mounts from Mists Pandaria? Least favorites? What other types of mounts would you like to see added to the game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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