With patch 1.2 out of the way, the Bitter Rivals event over, and the Call to Arms announced for returning players, Mythic's been pretty busy lately. Luckily MMORPG got a chance to sit down with the Hickman and talk a little about what's been happening in the World of WAR. From the new Rally Call feature to the recently released Ten Day Free Trial, Jeff Hickman answers a lot of questions we have.

“Rally call is almost always time based,” Hickman answered. “All that it is at this point is an effort to pull people into the open RvR lakes. It’s not currently based on any kind of queuing or population-based criteria so it doesn’t attempt to balance sides or anything like that.”

“We have a second phase of that that’s coming with the next major patch,” he continued. “It’s more of an Open Field Queuing System where you just sign up for a Rally Call and when it gets to a certain max, it fires off. That’s the intent for the future, but it doesn’t do that currently. We didn’t want to hold back on what we had, so we put it in.”

To read the entire interview, you can check it out here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016