The staff at Ten Ton Hammer has always secretly longed to be world-class race car drivers who thumb their noses not only at their rivals, but also the police who dare to stop their urban racing exploits. Naturally, when we heard that the Need for Speed franchise was racing their way into the MMOG market with Need for Speed World, we knew that we had to get more details. To that end, we managed to corner Jean-Charles Gaudechon, lead producer for Need for Speed World, and Dana Sissons, Public Relations, in their garage after sabotaging Jean-Charles’ Porsche in order to get some answers.

We’re positioning ourselves between casual and simulation so that hard-core gamers will find a way to really enjoy the game, but we want to make sure to welcome newcomers to the racing genre. It’s a memorable game in that you have people who love racing, who love the Need for Speed franchise, and be able to play around the world with thousands of people.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016