Most Popular Online Casino Games In 2022

Over the past two decades, since the first online casinos have emerged, online casino games have been popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Nowadays, it's virtually impossible to count how many online casino games there are, as there are casino games for everyone's taste. This article will reveal what the most popular casino games in 2022 are to our readers.


Blackjack, AKA twenty-one, is undoubtedly on top of the most popular casino games, not just in 2022 but of all time. This game is so popular because it's pretty easy to learn (but hard to master), and the rules are manageable to comprehend even for the complete beginners. 

On average, the odds of Blackjack are around 49%, and the house edge is about 1%. Furthermore, there are over ten varieties of Blackjack, but so far, the most played type is the classic one.


If this sounds fascinating to those who have never tried it before, here are the first-class real money online Blackjack casinos and strategy tips, guides, etc. 


Another super-popular choice among online casino players at both traditional and online casinos, Slots come in all sorts of themes to entice even the fussiest players. 


These themes can range from movies or TV shows, celebrities, sports, and nearly anything imaginable. What makes slots so prevalent is that it's probably the most straightforward online casino game to play, as there are no strategies involved, only luck. 

Needless to say, slots are the biggest money-maker for each online casino since it has an RTP of around 80% and 90%, which essentially means that the casino wins and profits in the long run. 

But other than purely cosmetic themes, there are also different varieties of slots, including the progressive jackpot. This addition means that jackpots accumulate over time, and only the luckiest person gets to win the tremendous sum of money.


What kind of list would this be if it didn't feature Poker? Probably the most popular casino game of all time, Poker is a number one choice for players who prefer relying on their skills rather than relying solely on their luck. Although Poker isn't a primary choice of inexperienced players, this doesn't mean it's exclusively reserved for pros.

Mastering Poker requires lots of commitment, time, and effort, but whoever gets to comprehend this game will have much more advantage over other players who didn't spend much time improving their Poker skills. 

Poker also comes in different varieties as with the other card games, but the most popular type is Texas Hold'em Poker. The Poker odds may vary, so here's the Poker odds calculator.


Another plain and simple online casino game, which doesn't require any skills whatsoever, Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most favored online casino games ever. This game is featured in every single online casino, and it comes in different varieties, such as French and American Roulette. They both have numbers from 1 to 36 (red or black colors), but the American version has 0 and 00 in green, unlike the French, which has only one 0.

Although Roulette is certainly not a game in which one may expect to win constantly, considering that it's based purely on luck, it's still one of the most played online casino games because it's pretty amusing and requires almost no preparation. 

Live Casino

Live Casino games are any table casino games played with a real dealer and humans, for those unfamiliar with this concept. These games are streamed from specialized studios resembling brick-and-mortar casinos or even from the real casinos, allowing players to get as close to a genuine gambling experience as possible. 

Live Casinos feature different camera angles in high definition so that players may choose what to see and when. Moreover, some Live Casinos even support the Virtual Reality kits, meaning that players can gamble from the comfort of their homes and become fully immersed in the casino games.

The games featured in Live Casinos are usually Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Poker, etc. One of the most significant advantages of Live Casinos is the social factor. Players may communicate with the dealer or other fellow players in real-time, using both chat and microphone, allowing a genuine human interaction over the internet.

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Last Updated: May 02, 2022