Must-Know Tips for Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter computer game. Its debut version was released back in 2003 for Windows and macOS. Interestingly, different manufacturers are engaged in the development of games in the series.

Infinity Ward is responsible for the Warfare line (Modern, Infinity, Ghosts). But the sub-series Black Ops is being developed by Treyarch.

Features of Lines in Call of Duty Betting

Surely to know everything about the shooter championship matches it’s advised to visit the online PA betting page which says that it can be played in various formats:

  • Bo1 (best of one). The winner of the game is decided on one map.
  • Bo5 (best of five). To win a match, a team must win three maps.
  • Bo9 (best of nine). This format is used in the grand finals, and the team that wins five maps is the winner.

Depending on the rules of the tournament matches, the list of the bookmaker also differs. For example, in the bo3 and bo5 series, bettors can bet on the exact score and totals, but in bo1 there is no such possibility. Don't forget about the different game modes.

Competitive CoD Events

Competitive CoD events come in two variations:

  1. Classic. As for example, informs, the rules of the classic mode are similar to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, teams fight for the sides of attack (terrorists) and defense (special forces).

The winners of the betting are those who win 16 rounds first and achieve an advantage of 2 or more points. In the event of a tie, additional matches are assigned.

  1. Fight to the death. Teams receive points for every kill they make. The winner is the side that scores more points at the end of the battle. The duration of the game is 10 minutes. Unlike the classics, gamers are instantly reborn and enter the battle. There is no financial limitation, it is allowed to choose any weapon.

If you know this kind of information, your online betting o n the game would obtain quite new shapes. As a result, it means that the probability to win is pretty higher as well as the probability to make a mistake is lesser.

How to Bet on Call of Duty?

Cybersport is usually bet on the site, although you can use the classic option and bet in the club or by phone.

But, to be honest, it is difficult to imagine a person who would bet on Call of Duty, but at the same time could not master the work with the bookmaker's website.

Therefore, we’ll consider the procedure for making a bet on an esports betting site/app:

  1. You need to register and log into your account, as well as replenish your account. For this, there are corresponding buttons at the top right. How this is done for GGbet is given here. In other bookmakers, the procedure is almost the same.
  2. Further, you need to select the game, that is, "Call of Duty".
  3. Below, on the same panel on the left, a list of tournaments available for bets will open. And in the center you will see a list of matches. Select a tournament and match using these elements.

How to Make Predictions for Call of Duty Betting?

The basic principles of making esports predictions are described in this article. The same factors apply here: previous performances, taking into account their importance, chemistry, as well as cards in a future competition (how well a team or player performs on these cards).

Unfortunately, CoD is not very popular among bettors and statistics lovers, so there is very little information about tournaments, team composition and other information necessary to predict future matches.

Therefore, you will have to read the news on different sites about the past competitions.

Betting Strategies for Call of Duty

Unfortunately, due to the very limited list, it is difficult to single out any full-fledged betting strategies for Call of Duty.

The bettor needs to make high-quality predictions using the information presented above and bet on the winner. If one team is stronger than the other, you can bet on its victory on the first map.

If you are well versed in Call of Duty, you may well try to bet on tournaments for this game. They are held all year round and are very popular.

The bookmakers have bets, and on the English-language Internet you can find news, lineups and information about the previous performances of each gamer. All in all, you have everything you need to bet on Call of Duty and win!

Expert Advice for Call of Duty Betting

Below is a list of tips from experts in betting.

  1. Do not start from the name of the team. Newbies often put their bets on popular tags like Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, Optic Gaming, known for other esports disciplines. Success in parallel games is not a testament to the strength of the squad in competitive CoD.
  2. Do not bet on victories on a separate card. The match sometimes consists of five or even nine rounds. The favorite can easily lose, especially on the map chosen by the enemy. It would be wiser to place a bet on the entire match. The same goes for bets on the exact score of the fight, it is better to ignore them.
  3. Play it yourself. This will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, which will be useful in further forecasting. If this is not possible, you can watch the streams of the game.
  4. Pay attention to new formulations. In the discipline, there is no clear distinction between amateurs and specialists. Teams that have no experience of performing at a professional level, but who are versed in macro games, can easily defeat a more eminent team.

Taking into account these recommendations and carefully analyzing each bet, the bettor will be able to earn by betting on the shooter.

We sincerely wish you to win big every time when you decide to get into esports!

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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2021