Conquest has gotten even more satisfying-- really.

The developers at Flying Lab have yet another dev log for Pirates of the Burning Sea, discussing some of the v1.1 changes to conquest and PvP.

Since the game launched, you have been able to create six different kinds of Bundle Unrest Supplies: Food, Luxuries, Metal, Textiles, Weapons, and Wood. But you couldn’t do anything with them!

In v1.1, this system is now fully implemented. Every Rebel Agent and Garrision Commander will now offer delivery missions where you can hand in one unit of any of the six bundle items. In return, you generate (Rebel Agent) or remove (Garrison Commander) 100 Unrest points at that port. (Because we have recently accelerated the rate of unrest gain, this will actually be 150 points.)

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016