Ten Ton Hammer's Exclusive Preview of Otherland

Ten Ton Hammer travelled to Singapore last month for the first public reveal of Otherland - a genre-spanning MMORPG based on the virtual reality novels of Tad Williams. In the tradition of innovative games like Uplink and Darwinia, Otherworld makes reality the starting point, inviting players into a surreal, beautiful, and unabashedly virtual collection of worlds where nothing is as it seems and a sinister plot is unfolding just below the surface. The game's slogans is telling - you play the game, the game plays you.

"Otherland's central hub, Lambda Mall, is much more than a stopover between points A and B. It's a sort of Dave & Buster's meets Six Flags on the Las Vegas strip about 20 stories above the set of a gentrified, pollution-free Blade Runner. Two of the Mister J's meeting places we toured - and these are just bars, mind you - had me wondering why we hadn't seen these imaginative concepts in a game before."

Join Ten Ton Hammer for our reveal and first preview of Otherland, RealU's truly different MMORPG project, currently slated for a 2010 release.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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