Messiah Shares His Ryzom Ring Experiences

Our very own staff writer Messiah got a chance to try out the Ryzom Ring scenario development add-on for Ryzom Ring prior to last week's live event in Paris, France. The verdict: even well before launch, Messiah was impressed at Ryzom Ring's power and ease of use. Follow along as he creates his own world with just a few mouse clicks!

"Ryzom Ring" is an expansion to an existing game: The Saga of Ryzom. Before E3 2006 I had only vaguely heard of Ryzom, however while there I was lucky enough to meet with one of the developers to get a hands on preview of the game and gain access to a beta account to give it a once over. Having been sucked into the addiction that is World of Warcraft since its release, Ryzom has been a welcome change..."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016