In a strange development Overwatch Hero and explosives-obsessed outlaw, Junkrat, has lodged an official complaint against Blizzard. In his filing against the company not only does he cite “unfair representation” but “impossible body standards”, resulting in “serious and lasting harm to his future earning potential”. In a bizarre twist, Junkrat has also pointed the blame squarely at Roadhog and Reinhardt.

For anyone unaware of Junkrat and specifically Overwatch, he’s part of an elite group of soldiers formed for the sole purpose of peacekeeping. Although he hasn’t always fallen on the side of legitimate work, both he and Roadhog are now on the right path. Despite that, it seems Junkrat has taken a grim view on how he’s being portrayed. We caught up with him between Skirmishes.

“I’m a thin bloke. I get it. But everything’s all about muscles and size. I can’t compete with that.”

If you've ever seen Roadhog or Reinhardt, it’s fair to say they’re well bodied men. Reinhardt is the epitome of male physique while Roadhog could be described as its excess. Despite their differences, they’re both the perfect specimen in their own right. Even Widowmaker, the much loved femme fatale, is taken aback by both - certainly Roadhog. “I often stare in wonder at the fine specimen. How you say? Si bien rond. So beautifully round”.

Unsurprisingly, Junkrat isn’t happy about the attention the other men in the Overwatch lineup are receiving and he feels it’s all because of how Blizzard are portraying him.

Junkrat's relationship with Roadhog has become strained under the constant pressure of needing to "bulk up"

“It’s not right. Take the new bloody comic. They’ve got Roadhog holding a cup and saucer. That wasn’t him, that was me. I’m the sensitive one.”

Asking Junkrat as to why he felt he was being misrepresented, he was quick to answer. “Blizzard have me out to be some sort of psycho who wants to watch the world burn. It’s true, mate, who doesn’t like a good barbeque, but there’s more to me than that.”  

When asked as to what he meant, Junkrat was a little more hesitant. “Knitting. I love knitting. Why else do you think I always carry my little satchel? There’s a lot of downtime in Overwatch so it’s great to pass the time.”

And what about his assertion that Roadhog and Reinhardt are creating impossible body standards? “I’m a skinny bloke. Heck, Zenyatta has more meat on his bones that me and he’s a tin can. I feel pressured to bulk up. I’m happy in my skin, you know? But Blizzard aren’t helping my anxiety, putting out all these bulked up men.”

Widowmaker describes Roadhog as "the perfect specimen." 

Having reached out to Blizzard for comment, Communications Lead for the Overwatch Team, Dwayne Johnson, was keen to assuage any fears Junkrat might have about his body or that of other Heroes. “We understand Junkrat’s concerns and there was never any intention to put pressure on him to look or act differently. Gentle direction and healthy competition - we feel - is good for the spirit of the Overwatch team.” He went on to add that “Bastion, in his own pleasant way, has regularly beeped and booped about how he finds Junkrat a positive, lovable rogue. We’ll do our best to bring this out in the future.”

Although Blizzard were unwilling to comment further on the complaint itself, Dwayne Johnson did have a final say. “When you speak to Junkrat again, can you kindly ask him to return my knitting needles. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work work.”

We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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Last Updated: May 05, 2016

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