Overwatch is one of the most popular first-person shooters on the market.

Sportsbooks around the globe regularly pump out betting lines for the tournaments along with other popular titles such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, and Blizzard buddy, Call of Duty.

Let’s have a look at what’s going down just a few years before the Omnic Crisis.

The Bots Aren’t Happy

Ok, so maybe high-level staff and Overwatch team gamers are not robots, but given the nature of the game, it was a clever analogy.

Nate Nanzer, Commissioner of the Overwatch League, recently ditched Activision Blizzard to toil in the trenches with Epic Games (Fortnite) and apparently there is a laundry list of names ready to follow suit. The funny thing is, Corporate Nature is pretty much the same everywhere. It doesn’t matter that we are talking about a cutting edge video game design company. Same Ol’, Same Ol’, Stupid is as Stupid does, take your pick of cliche quips. I bring this up because the President and CEO of Activision Blizzard Esports, Pete Vlastelica, is the person who is going to replace the former commissioner in his role.

So, why is this stupid? Because rumor has it that Pete Vlastelica is the reason that Nate Nanzer jumped ship. He is apparently also the reason for a whole lot of discontent within the Overwatch League as well as Call of Duty League. So, let’s ignore a whole list of key employees and talent and charge on forward to placing somebody into a mantle of power that nobody wants sitting in.

According to Dextero and Digital Trends, since Vlastelica’s arrival from Fox Sports in 2016, the focal point has shifted from creating great programs for gamers and the gaming community to monetizing eSports.

Dextero goes on to say that Vlastelica’s influence is crushing morale. People at Blizzard feel that a digital content creator isn’t necessarily qualified or equipped to make decisions the shape the development of eSports.

In addition to Nanzer’s departure, Kim Phan, the long-time global product director is also hitting the bricks. We don’t yet know which other high-profile employees are planning on leaving, but if you believe the rumors, the list is not short.

Overwatch and Call of Duty Stability

This makes you wonder how stable these two leagues are. Will this scare investors? Will these pro eSports league end up fading away to obscurity all because a company can’t or refuses to acknowledge an obvious company consensus that one person might be running the entire operation into the dirt?

Overwatch League Stage 2

Whether or not the longevity of OWL is in question, Stage two is well underway, and it’s no surprise that the San Francisco Shock lead the pack, along with the Vancouver Titans. I am surprised to see the Excelsior fall to 6th place, with a 5-2 record.

The London Spitfire are 6-1 as are the LA Gladiators, so this is a tight race through the second stage. One loss for the Titans or Shock and there will be a big shakeup!

That said I predict the Shock to blast on through the rest of the stages and enter the playoffs with the top seed.

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Last Updated: Jun 04, 2019

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