Kallari is considered an incredibly weak Hero in Paragon and often for good reason. She doesn’t jungle particularly well, she struggles to lane as she has no wave clear and early game - even late game to some degree - she deals only moderate damage. Besides her Ultimate ability which allows her to travel anywhere on the map, she actually brings very little to a team. In fact, I’d argue an average Kallari is hugely detrimental.

Kallari is a high risk high reward melee  Assassin and a global threat to her enemies. Kallari is more mechanically demanding than other heroes and relies on stealth and guerilla tactics to catch enemies off guard.

Despite her severe limitations in the current Meta, success with Kallari can be achieved. I’ll freely admit it’s hard work and you not only have to be highly skilled with the game, but also understand how to build her and what her limitations actually are.

Her strength lies in allowing your team to snowball once you have a foothold. If she can secure several kills early on, it helps her enormously to then gain a clear lead over her enemy. Using your slow to poke enemies, your stealth to deal surprise attacks and your Ultimate to finish off low health enemies.

The most important thing for Kallari, is to not fall behind on card experience. Whether laning or jungling, you need to constantly be last hitting. If you fall behind, you’ll have little if any impact on the game.

Updated: 17 April 2017



Global Ultimate is valuable for securing kills or to double up on lane

Pretty useless on defence

A ranged snare

Organised teams carry Shadow Wards, rendering her stealth useless

She’s easy to survive with thanks to a double jump and stealth

Active cards and coordinated teams render her fairly useless end game

She has fairly good damage late game

Her Global Ultimate is only really good for finishing off very low health players

If she can get ahead on card experience, she can help her team snowball

She’s neither good in Jungle or in lane.


  • Some believe she kills for pleasure.
  • Some believe she kills because she must.
  • Some believe neither of these is true.


Slash (LMB) - By default Kallari deals very little damage. At level 1 it roughly deals a little over 50, which is pretty terrible for early farm. While it does cleave, its still pretty poor farming capabilities. If you can, it’s best to pick up single cards to boost your attack power and speed early so that you can clear quicker. 

Backflip (RMB) - As your primary form of escape, Backflip can be used twice in succession. It allows Kallari, on her second leap, to effectively double-jump. If used once, it’s high enough to climb most ledges in the jungle. Be aware that both leaps cost mana and whether you use one leap or two, your cooldown remains the same.

Tip - Backflip can allow Kallari to leap over terrain other Heroes cannot reach. Use this to your advantage when engaging or attempting to escape in the Jungle.

Shadow Walk (Q) - After a very brief delay, Kallari will enter the Shadow Plane. During this time she will gain increased movement speed and be invisible to enemies. If she attacks a player from Shadow Walk, she gains bonus damage (up to 250%). What’s particularly strong about Shadow Walk is the fact that it’s not only an invaluable escape tool, but also permits Kallari to burst from nowhere. Against unsuspecting players who haven’t Warded, at the very least she’ll be able to deal several hundred damage near instantly and anyone that’s low health, is going to die. Be aware however that enemy players can still hit you in the Shadow Plane with basic attacks and abilities. It’s also worth noting that if there are any enemy players stood in a Shadow Pool, they’ll be able to see Kallari even when she’s invisible.

Tip - When an enemy is retreating from you and a little too far away, use Shadow Walk. You’ll gain a movement speed bonus and it’ll allow you to quickly reach them.

Crippling Dagger (E) - As your only means of ranged poke, Crippling Dagger allows Kallari to attack one target from afar. The physical damage is relatively high and the slow, although brief, invaluable. If you can open from Shadow Walk followed by Crippling Dagger, you’ll eat a fair amount of your opponets health. Just be aware that Crippling Dagger is a skill shot and against enemies moving quickly, it can be tricky to land.

Tip - Try to always use Crippling Dagger immediately after exiting Shadow Walk. You’ll slow your target, deal burst damage and it’ll allow you to continue to harass your opponent.

Death Sentence (R) - As one of two global Ultimate abilities in the game, Death Sentence allows Kallari to target any enemy Hero, regardless of where they are and teleport to them. On arrival she’ll deal damage based on her Slice damage. The value is multiplied depending on the level of the ability, up to a maximum of 2. Although its damage isn’t incredible, it's fairly high if you have armor penetration. It’s important to note that when you do trigger Death Sentence enemy players will receive a marked symbol above their head - this gives some Heroes ample opportunity to evade your incoming attack. 

Tip - If laning, don't be afraid to return back to base, replenish your health and upgrade your cards, before using Death Sentence to quickly appear back in lane. It might have a hefty cooldown, but it'll ensure your lane is safe.

Skill Order

I’d always recommend that you maximize your Crippling Dagger and Shadow Walk first simply because it provides the highest amount of damage you need. You can then focus on Death Sentence at the regular Ultimate intervals.

1. Crippling Dagger

2. Shadow Walk

3. Backflip

4. Shadow Walk

5. Death Sentence

6. Shadow Walk

7. Shadow Walk

8. Crippling Dagger

9. Death Sentence

10. Crippling Dagger

11. Crippling Dagger

12. Backflip

13. Death Sentence

14. Backflip

15. Backflip

Recommended Cards

Full build (including active link)*

*All cards not highlighted are early game purchases. Mana Potion > Healing Token > Magus' Siphon > Whirling Wand > Assassin's Ward.


Early Game (Level 1-9)

Kallari is tricky. Early game she’s poor in lane and when jungling (certainly in comparison to other heroes). This leaves you in no man's land. Regardless of which role you choose, it’s key that you get your damage online as quickly as possible and if able, secure some early kills. Kallari plays best when you can begin to creep ahead quickly and the only way you can achieve that is to bag some last hits. If necessary, ensure your Tanks/Supports don’t tag them. I’d also strongly advise early game that you build damage as quickly as possible using cheap cards.

I would also add that if you can, take a Shadow Ward card early. It’ll help you and your team de-ward and aid in identify where the enemy jungler is.

Mid Game (Level 10-12)

Depending on how your team’s early success has been heavily determines Kallari’s effectiveness mid and late game. If you’re behind on Card Experience you’ll struggle at this stage. You’ll be too weak to secure kills, and too far behind to aid in team fights. If you’re on a par however or ahead, you can make your mark against low health Heroes or “squishy” targets. Be sure to wait for a fight to start, flank and open up against Heroes of value. If you can, it’s also wise to use your Ultimate ability to pressure anyone who is attempting to push a lane solo. It’s also wise to solo push yourself because if a fight does break out, not only will your lane push itself, but you can quickly teleport in.

Late Game (Level 13-15)

At this point Kallari tends to fall off. Although her burst is high thanks to her cards, most plays at this stage of the game involve group fighting over the Orb Prime or in front of a Tower/Inhibitor. Kallari is weakest here because she can’t really defend and during an Orb Prime contest she simply has to wait in the wings for the right opportunity. There’s no doubting you can get picks, but if the enemy team is packing Shadow Wards you’ll struggle. It’s best to split push a lane and dive into combat when your lane is pushed, using your Death Sentence. As always, open on the high value targets before retreating and repeating the process.


These god threat levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy gods can give you a headache. For the gods listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Kallari. 



Dekker: Simply because of her ability to slow, stun and trap you, she's a threat. She can avoid your Ultimate and prevent you reaching high value targets. 


Grim.exe: His slow is incredibly annoying and when he's late game, the combination of damage and crowd control make it very challenging to fight him. He'll regularly send his Ultimate your way and there's nothing you can do to avoid it. Worse, his shield can block your Ultimate. 


Riktor: His pull combined with his Ultimate ability and silence can make life very miserable for you. In a team fight, he can single you out and there's absolutely nothing you can do to defend yourself.


Grux: Although you can comfortably build resistances against him, Grux and his pull are frustrating to fight against. You can Backflip away but his pull has infinite verticality, meaning you'll land straight at his feet even if you were in the air. 


Khaimera: His burst, card selection for armor and damage and regeneration can ensure that Khaimera can comfortably deal with Kallari 1 on 1. 


Aurora: Simply because of her root and Ultimate ability, if she sees you out of stealth she can quickly snag you. 7/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Kallari play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here.

1. Your highest burst is Death Sentence > Crippling Dagger > Shadow Walk > Slash

2. Shadow Wards reveal you in Shadow Walk. Be conscious of where they are and ask your team to de-ward, or place your own to then kill them.

3. Kallari’s role is to kill high value targets - that’s anyone with very low health, ADC’s (rangers) and squishy Heroes.

4. Kallari’s Ultimate and its global use allows you to bully lanes. See an ally 1 on 1? Travel and make it 2 v 1. See a lane that isn’t pushed? Push it, then travel for a team fight. Low health? Back and then dive into combat and then teleport instantly back.

5. You have poor wave and jungle clear early game. Secure Green and river buffs as often as possible to help you.

6. Kallari has long cooldowns by default but can rarely spare the cards for cooldown reduction. Grab the Blue buff often, but don’t steal it from your Supports. 

7. Remember that using Shadow Walk grants you movement speed. Use this to your advantage to evade or engage quickly. 

8. If you know an area is heavily warded and your team are fighting in it, still Shadow Walk. Your opening Slash will still gain the damage boost. 

9. Don't be afraid to use Crippling Dagger to quickly clear a minion camp. It'll cost you mana, but save on your health.

10. Kallari needs as much help as she can get for damaging heroes so try to always take the black buff from River.

11. It's best to hang back as Kallari before entering into a team fight. Wait till a fight has started and clean up low health heroes. 

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Last Updated: Apr 14, 2017

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