A host of top designers from Paragon Studios including Matt Miller and Melissa Bianco were on-hand at PAX East 2010 to share all new details on July's City of Heroes: Going Rogue expansion, plus an exciting first-ever reveal of "Issue 19: Incarnates" - a post-GR update that adds long-awaited endgame levels and options to the game.

From the article:

"Players have been waiting a long time for something to do after level 50 in City of Heroes, and now Paragon Studios is giving it to them. Coming in "Issue 19: Incarnates", players will finally get some endgame love with the Incarnate System. Incarnates will bring endgame players back to Praetoria, and Going Rogue will actually contain the first of the ten Incarnate levels. "

Join Ten Ton Hammer's Mattlow for an overview of all the exciting changes coming to City of Heroes in PAXe 2010: City of Heroes "Incarnate" Endgame Levels & Going Rogue Details Revealed.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016