New website adds new features and easier navigation for landlubbers.

Flying Labs has rolled out their new website for Pirates of the Burning Sea and have added a slew of new features like a Game Guide section. While most of the guides are written by the people who created the game, they will be looking for contributors in the future. From Aether's post about the new website:

In a remarkable collaboration between Community, ArtCo, Development and TestCo, I am proud to unveil the new Pirates of the Burning Sea website! This time around, we decided that we wanted to go with a site design that was brighter, more-user friendly, with a cleaner look that avoided the dark and dour design we had before.

The process began some months ago, when our PHP Guy KevinT and myself began to collude in secret, plotting and scheming about the kind of site we’d like to see representing Pirates of the Burning Sea. It was soon after that we recruited UI Designer Diana and Art Director Bruce Sharp into our cabal, and began tossing around our preferences for the new look and feel. Of course, this included a lot of discussion about what our previous site lacked- and what we could do to improve on our older site.

We mentioned words like dynamic, community-focused, feature-rich, fluid, clean, fresh and interesting. We talked about developing back-end features and toolsets that would help highlight the best things about our community, while making sure we had a site that kept everyone in the loop regarding Pirates of the Burning Sea updates and developments. We wanted to give visitors to our site a direct line to hot topics, while making sure existing information was organized in a way that made sense and was easily navigable.

It took some iteration and some very late nights, but we finally settled on the design that you are seeing now. Here’s a breakdown of some of the new features on our site, including some information about the back-end tools we’ll be using to keep our community informed!

In addition the new Game Guide section, they've added more navigation, widgets and a Tout system (for important news) and a Milestone Discussion Box which works like a very specific feedback discussion.

If you haven't been back to Pirates of the Burning Sea for a while, go check out the new website at Pirates of the Burning Sea and see what they have in store for you.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Pirates of the Burning Sea Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016