When did Disney turn into a promoter of gambling and piracy?

In true Disney fashion, the crew of Walt's is ready to celebrate the first anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean Online during the Hallow's Eve (Halloween). There will be a myriad (or dare I say a plethora) of prizes including a trip to Walt Disney Studios. Disney is pretty proud of what they've accomplished since they launched in October, 2007:

"Disney Online has added a myriad of new features that have expanded the world and overall game experience. In addition, players have achieved many milestones including over 120 million ships sunk and over 19 million hands of blackjack played."

In addition to contests and prizes being held in-game, the whole game universe will turn to night with those not seeking shelter being turned into skeletons. Find out more about the Anniversary Celebration and other milestones for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016