Pirates of the Caribbean: The Rise of the Privateer

Never short on narrative, Disney is adding to the lore of its Pirates of the Caribbean with a new dairy snippet from a Privateer. Using the lore to bridge between storytelling and a class discussion, Disney relays some of the fun to be had as a privateer:

…the Frigate flyin' the French colors was well-armed and rained down fire and brimstone on me hearty crew from the opening volley! The hull of our galleon, The Prowler, was damaged in two places but we managed to stay afloat. After dousing two fires we rejoined the fray and returned the French Frigate a favor by pounding him with our cannons.

Joining us under the Spanish colors were two well-armed Sloops with swivel cannons fore and aft. The French had nothing but the single Frigate, which should have been easy prey -- but their Captain was a devilishly good sailor.

Sometimes looking out for number one takes shrewd moves and maybe changing allegiances as you see fit. After living the pirate life, you can turn your back on such tasteless professions and go legit by becoming an honest (and I use that term loosely) businessman of the sea.

Read on ya swarthy dog at Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016