Watch out for that ban stick!

Part of the set up of Pirates of the Burning Sea is the nation system. Similar to the choice of Horde or Alliance in WoW, a player must pick a nation to play for. The game's economy and pvp structure is built around this nation system. Apparently some people don't want to be stuck to one nation, so they'll create a second account and play more than one nation at once.

PotBS isn't going to stand for that anymore.

As you are aware, game mechanics are such that you are not allowed to play two characters of opposing nations on a single account.

In keeping with that mechanic, we will be actively enforcing that rule to apply to individuals using two accounts to sidestep that limitation.

While players are welcome to have as many accounts as they wish, people with multiple accounts are not allowed to have characters of differing nations on the same server. If a player is found in violation of this policy, they will be forced to either move or delete the character in violation. Repeat offenders will be subject to further disciplinary action, up to and including permanent suspension of their Pirates of the Burning Sea accounts.

The changes in policy also affect selling durability to pirates. For more information on the policy changes, please check out the Pirates of the Burning Sea Main site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016