New offices offer new horizon for a bunch of Pirates.

Captain Rusty of the good ship Flying Labs has posted quite a lengthy discussion about the state of the game for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Rusty discusses the new offices for Flying Labs and how people working on the same game are now within shouting distance of each other instead of different floors. Some of the efficiency is being borne out in the new plans for PotBS:

"Right now what we’re most focused on is the new revamp of the avatar combat system. Ever since we shipped, we’ve been planning to go back and re-examine the sword fighting from first principals. Ship combat has had the advantage of being built, ripped apart, and rebuilt. Avatar combat has been going through the same process, and you can read more about it in Isildur’s dev log where he describes the thought process that went into building the new system."

Rusty also discusses how different revenue models are helping:

"Our initial foray into banner advertising was very successful, so successful that it was a kind of slap your head “why didn’t we start this earlier? moment. As we’ve been rolling this out, we’re learning what works and doesn’t work, and we’re expanding out the program from just straight advertising to affiliate programs.

And last but certainly not least, the always popular discussion of expansions:

"Finally, the last big news on the horizon is expansion. We’re starting to look at where we go next to build out the world of Pirates, and doing our scheduling estimates."

I say popular, but I'm certain there are people on the forums screaming for the devs to fix some issue that has been eating at them since launch. Such is the bittersweet look at the future. Flying Labs seems to be taking some big steps toward improving the game and prepping for the future. Rusty wrote a lot more words than I posted here, so go to the Pirates of the Burning Sea news for more information.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016