John Tynes Sheds Some Light On Pirates of the Burning Sea

FiringSquad took some time to speak with John Tynes recently. Keep reading to get a good look at the thoughts that went into the making of this game.

FiringSquad: First, pirates continue to be a popular subject in pop culture as the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie can attest to. From your perspective why is there so much attention being put to this historical period in history?

John Tynes: Even in the days of real piracy, the pirate life was attractive to many sailors. Given that navy ships could impress them for years of service, the fact that pirate ships tended to be very democratic was appealing. Journalists and authors soon romanticized them further, conjuring up a life of freedom and adventure. There was also the lure of wealth, the vast fortunes that pirates were imagined to possess buried beneath the shifting sands.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016