New towns look more realistic, aiming for piratey flair.

With both recent and upcoming updates, Pirates of the Burning Sea is busying themselves with updating the art in some of the starting towns. These are just texture overlays, so nothing substantial has changed, but it looks a whole lot nicer.

Hey all, this is Nate the Environment Lead at FLS. I’ve been with the company for 3 years now and have made a lot of towns/areas for the game in that time. Its an incredibly fun and educational experience recreating the 18th century caribbean. But alongside transporting the player back in time, we have also been striving to add even more of the fantastical flair that pirates are so synonymous with.

For this last milestone one our tasks were to revamp some of the towns from their previous art. Some of them had become outdated and needed sprucing up, which gave us an opportunity to really piratize them! Here are some examples of the revamp for Skuzzy Pirate Town.

For screenshots and more detail, check out the Pirates of the Burning Sea main site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016