Disney VR Studio's Mike Goslin on Storyline, Active Gameplay, and Keeping Kids Safe in Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Mike Goslin, Vice President of VR Studio, Disney Online (creators of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, scheduled for release later in 2007), was kind enough to answer a few of our follow-up questions from the recent Pirates Online press event. Topics included possible movie franchise tie-ins, the challenges of implementing an active combat system in an online environment, and keeping the game's younger demographic safe from online predators.

"We like the tension and conflict between new and old, civilized and supernatural, and navy vs. pirates that the films explore. We're going to use this conflict and expand upon it by tipping the scales towards the supernatural side with the introduction of our villain, Jolly Roger, and his army of undead pirates. I think the movies are trending in that direction as well by introducing more supernatural elements such as Tia Dalma, Davy Jones and the Kraken"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016