Preparing and Gold Investments for TBC Classic

It is a well known fact that the gold will receive huge inflations as with every World of Warcraft expansion. Everything will become more expensive once TBC is released. This is a very good reason for players to invest their gold now and prepare for TBC upfront.

Where to spend and invest your gold for TBC

While everything from Classic that will be used in the Burning Crusade will obviously become more expensive, best investments can be made in items who will be needed for new things in the Burning Crusade once the update is released. Think thoroughly - Jewelcrafting is the new TBC profession, and to skill it up, players will need a large amount of ores like Mithril ore, Thorium Ore and even current high end Classic leathers and herbs. Who likes returning to Azeroth to waste hours to gather these items up? The pricing of such items will sky-rocket post release.

A list of best items:

  • Mithril Ore and Thorium ore. Much required for Jewelcrafting.
  • Free Action Potion, Invisibility Potions and their crafting materials will still be used in the Burning Crusade. All of their prices will heavily rise.
  • To Cap Leatherworking at 300, about 20 stacks of Rugged Leather are needed.
  • Golden Sansam. While not heavily in use in Classic, it is required for one of the first Alchemy Potions in Outlands.
  • Basically all items like the ones that can drastically raise the skills of Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Alchemy and Tailoring - players will be making alts entire time, so even if you store them up now, you can still sell them at increased rate months after TBC is released.

Other TBC Preparations

Even while in Outland, the experience for getting to 60 from the 1st level is eased by around 20%, it is a solid idea to get your alts maxed up now, especially if you are left with nothing else to do. One of those reasons is: the minimum level to get the maximum Profession skill will be raised a lot in the Burning Crusade. Professions like Alchemy, require level 70 dungeon running for their specialization.

If you are already getting the idea what can you possibly achieve by storing large amounts of gathering materials like Mithril, Thorium you can literally become a millionaire in the Burning Crusade by playing it smart. If you lack the gold to store up all of these items now, it is still worth the investment to buy some WoW TBC Classic Gold and evade the gold/price inflation by storing it into valuable items.

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Last Updated: May 08, 2021