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WolfTeam: Game Modes – Destruction

Welcome back to the Publisher’s Notes on Game Modes in WolfTeam! Yes, it’s time for another exploration into the inner workings of Wolf Team with your host, GMValkyrie. This week I plan to explore a Game Mode that satisfies the inner explosives expert in all of us: Destruction.

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style="font-style: italic;">Destruction mode will give players several goals over several rounds.

Unlike DeathMatch, the Destruction game mode isn’t a one shot deal – each game has a set number of rounds that must be won to end the game (3 or 5). The two teams have specific goals to win those rounds, and the team that reaches the set number of round wins first wins the game!  The Red team is tasked with either planting a bomb in one of the two bomb sites or eliminating the Blue Team.  At the opposite end of the struggle, the Blue team must defend their bases by defusing any bombs, or eliminate the Red team before the bomb is planted. Based on just that information, I bet you can guess which side I like best.  I don’t know why, but there is something about a video game explosion that just warms the heart.

This is not a mode for players with little patience, and rushing face-first into a grenade might not be the best strategy. Once you’re killed, you must wait until the round ends in order to re-spawn. Naturally this encourages more caution than might otherwise be the case, since teams can win through elimination as well as bomb explosion/deactivation. Don’t forget that the Blue team can only win through elimination if the bomb has not already started counting down. If it has, they still must defuse it in order to win, even if all the Red players are eliminated.

The map selection for Destruction includes nine of the maps and varies from ancient temples to newfangled genetics laboratories.  One of the newer maps available includes semi-random spawn points, where you are isolated from your team and alone in a room. Well, that’s not entirely true. You have an excellent chance of not being alone at all, but sharing the room with a member of the opposite team. I’ve found grenades are handy at that point, though there is usually enough cover to make a decent mini-battle before moving out into the open.

While players can freely transform into werewolves in Destruction, just like DeathMatch, this mode also has a sub-mode in which it becomes humans versus wolves. This sub-mode means that humans cannot transform to wolves for melee on the Red team, and the Blue team must defend their bases with nothing more than fangs and claws. Pitting humans against wolves opens new werewolf transformations for the Blue team, with specialized abilities for the wolves including the Power Wolf (increased damage), the Guardian Wolf (increased health and the ability to deflect damage) and the Ghost Wolf (invisibility when stationary).  As with the other modes, all wolf forms will put you into 3rd person.

Thank you for joining me for this exploration of another game mode.  If you’d like more information about Destruction mode, I suggest watching this video

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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