This week the team at WolfTeam decided to enlighten us to one of their game modes called, Conquest. This is a round-based game mode, where teams have an objective to complete. To win a round, a team must control the largest number of bases when the time limit runs out. Sounds simple enough, but there are different modes within Conquest, each of which will require its own set of tactics to accomplish. Will you unleash the beast or will human form give you the advantage in your quest to reign supreme in the end?

The third variation on Conquest pits Wolves directly against Humans in Wolf Conquest. In this mode the team representing the Wolves cannot become humans at all, and the human team cannot turn into werewolves. The five maps available for Ex- and Wolf Conquest are designed to ensure that strategy becomes the best and surest way to win.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016