CS:GO Case Battle: What Is It and How to Start Winning Right Now?

Oh, cases! Valve's goldmine, content generator for many streamers, love, and hate of players. Even the most fierce haters of the in-game donation admit that they are continually visited by thoughts of buying and opening a few cherished boxes. However, few people realize that there are much more profitable offers for Counter Strike Global Offensive players - a case battle.

In this article, you will learn what it is, as well as the rules for conducting it. The information received will help you get an answer to the question - is it worth taking part in such games, so we recommend that you read the article to the end.

What is CS:GO Case Battle?

CS:GO case battle is an exciting game mode between multiple participants, where two users simultaneously buy the same cases, and the main task is to score the highest total cost of the items received in order to win all the battle items. The chances of winning are equal for both - 50 to 50. Games can have different costs. And yet, the more expensive the bets, the greater the jackpot won.

Other game features:

  • In this mode, you will open cases at the same time. As you open cases, you will drop various items that differ in value from your opponent's item. To win, you need to have at the end of the game the accumulated amount from items higher than that of the opponent.

  • The number of rounds in this case opening mode is unlimited and is equal to the number of cases that each player will buy (and the number of cases selected when creating the battle, respectively).

  • When opening one case, you will receive only one item from the list, and not all at once. Therefore, it makes sense to open the most expensive cases with the expectation that rare and expensive weapons will fall out.

In addition, there is an opportunity to improve the skins that the player wins by opening cases using the CS:GO case battle feature.

How to take part in a case battle?

In order to take part in the case battle, you need to acquire cases. Do not forget to make sure that you can trade on Steam before buying cases on the platform. Otherwise, the site's bots will not be able to send you items. To do this, make your Steam inventory public, make sure that you do not have a trade ban and that at least 7 days have passed since the last password change.

After that you should:

  • Register and login

  • Go to the CS:GO case battle page

  • Choose a battle with cases that you would like to buy

  • Click "Join" on the page of the selected battle

A case battle can be played by 2 to 4 players. You can also play with a bot or invite someone to a case battle using the invitation link. It can be found in the created battle page window. Send this link to your friend, he will join the battle when he clicks on it.


What cases to choose to play the game?

In general, the choice of a case is an individual decision of each player. This is the beauty of the function - to choose the right option yourself and win a cool skin. Thus, the gamer will get much more emotions from the realization that the choice was his. However, there is also information on the topic of the chances of a certain drop in the “boxes”.

Cases are also often played by YouTubers and streamers. They have a lot of consumer goods quality items, but at the same time, the payback ratio is high, and the total price of bulk purchases is low. Thus, a certain balance is obtained between the received drop and the money given for the container.

Let's say right away that it is difficult to single out the best CS:GO cases - the opinion turns out to be subjective due to different views on payback situations. Having tried to highlight certain models, the following list of the best cases was compiled.


This case is notable, first of all, for the opportunity to knock out one of the elite knives, the price of which is several times higher than the cost of the initial investment. But gamers are mainly hunting for two red skins - M4A4 Emperor and Five-SeveN Angry Mob. Such a wide range of goodness is worth it to tickle your nerves once or twice and try your luck.


Against the background of previous cases, Horizon is not so expensive, but there are many more “tasty” skins at a good cost, and this indicates a good payback. Among the leaders are Desert Eagle Code Red and AK 47 Neon Rider. Do not forget that one of the precious knives is hidden in the case, which can also be obtained with a certain amount of luck. The average payback percentage of a case is about 40, even without StatTrak guns.

Danger Zone Case

Another fat gift from Steam and a nominee for the “what case is better to open in CS GO” award. In addition, the drop is very interesting. The leaders, of course, are the AK 47 Asiimov for 620 USD and the AWP Neo-Noir for 125 USD, respectively. In addition, you can get hold of an elite knife, if you're lucky. The chances of paying off are quite high, even if you didn't manage to get the "factory new" top barrel.

CS:GO Weapon Case #1

This is the second case with an AWP plus AK-47 combination. Case Hardened doesn't really stand out when viewed from a distance, but it looks great in the hands. That is one of those skins that are nice to look at, playing with light reflections on the metal body of the rifle.


It's unusual to see the Five-Seven skin on the list of the most expensive body skins, but that's exactly what makes this case so special. It is really cool and stands out more than the rest of the entire line. The presence of beautiful AWP and M4A4 in the box automatically makes it in demand among streamers and collectors.


Online opening of cases implies exactly the same process of opening cases as in the game itself. However, it can be disassembled, and thus even increase your winnings by choosing a CS:GO case battle.

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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2022