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from their homeland by the more powerful Gurubashi Empire, the
Darkspear Trolls took up residence on a distant island, only to have
their homes destroyed by an evil sea witch. The Darkspears then sought
refuge with the Horde, and were eventually granted permission to make
their homes on the Echo Isles. Once again the Darkspears were plagued
with disaster, the diabolical witch doctor Zalazan managed to divide
the tribe and claimed Echo Isles as his own.

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Vol'jin's army.

Determined to not let their homeland slip away once again the
Darkspears erected a temporary villages on the shores of Durotar and
have since been preparing to win back their home. Now the Darkspear
tribe is finally ready to make their last stand and reclaim what is
rightfully theirs and they need your help. To aid the Trolls players
must first complete the brand new quest chain titled:
Zalazane’s Fall. Continue on for a complete walkthrough for
this quest line.

style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">***Caution:
Spoilers Below!***

Even players who are not overly familiar with the Sen’jin
Village will be able to see that the area is much changed from the
Sen’jin of the past. The small village is without question on
the verge of war. An army of Darkspear warriors, lead by
Vol’jin himself, stand at the ready, command tents have been
erected and the witch doctors are dancing like they have never danced
before. The Darkspears are without a doubt ready to fight and die if
necessary to reclaim their lost homeland and you will amazingly enough

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The spies...they be frogs mon!

play a major role in their victory. But before you get on with your
epic adventure please be sure to grab the flight path.

Da Perfect Spies

Just behind the village proper, close to the shore, you will be
introduced to Vanira. Vanira will waste no time in requesting your help
to prepare for the upcoming battle. So for your first task you will be
assisting in a simple scouting mission. You, however, will not be doing
the scouting. Instead you will be capturing spy frogs that will
eventually do all the scouting for you and in turn the Darkspear
Trolls. The frogs can be found hopping all over the village and are
easy to catch with some right clicking action. Once you have captured 5
frogs return to Vanira for your next assignment.

Frogs Away!

Now that you have collected the frogs Vanira needs you to make sure
they end up in the proper location to begin their information
collection. Vanira will attune the frogs to her eyesight and you will
be sent to Handler Marnlek (located nearby) on a frogging mission,
which turns out be a lot like the bombing mission except with frogs.
Speak to the flight master to start your mission and get ready to throw
some frogs at the targets that will be visible on the ground. 
Thankfully the bat will continuously fly around the islands until you
have managed to hit 12 targets, this is especially nice for those of us
who have perpetually bad aim.

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Troll Recruits.

Trollin’ For

Your next assigntment will come from
Champion Uzu’zin who can
be found just down the beach from Vanira. Uzu’zin requests
the very mundane task of heading to
Razor Hill and recruiting the
Trolls there for the cause. On a brighter note, he does give you a very
cool drum to help you along with the recruiting process. What better
way to get Trolls ready for war than with a pounding drum? Using your
animal magnetism, speak with and convince the Trolls of Razor Hill to
come and do battle. Honestly though not a single Troll said no in my
experience so not much animal magnetism is really needed. Return to
Uzu’zin with your 5 Troll recruits in tow to complete this

Lady of Da Tigers

Your work never ends apparently because Vanira has another quest for
you. Apparently her spy frogs have done their work and have reported
back with some very strange information. There appears to be a very odd
tiger located on Echo Isle that the other cats avoid and of course you
are chosen to go check it out. To aid you Vanira imbues
you with the
Spirit of the Tiger which turns you into a very fast, very cool upright
walking tiger. After your transformation set out to the island that is
located directly above the E in Echo Isles on your map, and face off
with the tiger found there.

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Spirit of the Tiger

I personally did this by mashing buttons with little trouble. If
you’re the more organized sort start by hitting 3, hit 2
three times to stack your damage over time ability and then spam 1. Be
sure to hit 3 to keep yourself alive and 2 from time to time to keep
your damage dot up. Thankfully you don’t actually have to
defeat the tiger, once her health falls so low you will be presented
with a surprise. This is no actual tiger but your very first encounter
with a real Troll Druid. Apparently the Troll Druids have been in
hiding awaiting the return of Vol’jin and are more than happy
to join forces with the rest of the Darkspear tribe.  Turn
this quest into Vol’jin who can be found in the front of the
raptor riders on the beach.

Dance of Da Spirits

With new allies on your side Vol’jin feels the time may be
close to finally begin the attack. Before he makes this descion however
he needs to consult with one of the prominent witch doctors
in the
village. Head over the bonfire and seek out Witch Doctor
Hex’tok who will speak to the spirit world for you.
Hex’tok then informs you that before beginning the battle
Vol’jin should seek out another ally; Bwonsamdi the guardian
of the dead. Share the Hex’tok’s instructions with
Vol’jin and you will be presented with the item Darkspear
Pride which transforms the user into a Darkspear Troll.

Preparin’ For Battle

The time for battle is nigh, so speak to Champion Uzu’zin who
will send you to the bat handler. After a short flight you will touch
down in the stading area. Here you will begin the battle for Echo

Zalazane’s Fall

This event is on a timer much like the Undercity event and therefore
you may find yourself waiting around for a bit. However once it begins,
you and whatever players have rallied will be allowed to follow
Vol’jin and his Troll warriors into battle. You literally
almost cannot die here even if you tried so stick close to
Vol’jin and have at it. Several sea creatures will join the
cause along the way until the final epic showdown with Zalazane who is
now without a doubt higher than a level 10.

Once Zalazane is good and dead you will be transported back to
Sen’jin Village where you will be handsomely rewarded in the
form of a shiny new achievement entitled; Zalazane’s Fall and
a very unimpressive cloak. Congratulations on complete this quest line
and helping the Trolls to reclaim the Echo Isles!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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