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APB Retribution is out now and GamersFirst provided me with a free copy of it to look at. Since it’s a bit out of our scope of primary MMO coverage but still based on an MMO I figure I’d talk about it in my column. APB Retribution is NOT to be confused with APB Reloaded, which is an entirely different game being developed by GamersFirst. Retribution was developed by Blazing Griffen.

Anyway, for an iOS game it’s actually rather fun. It’s a top down shooter with heavy stealth elements. It is really similar to another game called Ultimate Assassin, except with more finely tuned puzzle element.

APB: Retribution

Essentially you’re some dude, who died, but didn’t and you’re out to get revenge. In order to do this you’ll use objects, the environment, weapons, and more to get to objectives. I haven’t yet completed the game, but I’ve played through enough to get sort of the general idea of the gameplay.

For sort of a mini review, I find it to be interesting and fun, and definitely something to look into especially if you’re a fan of the paper thin story that APB has and sort of fleshing it out a bit more. The gameplay / controls are fine and it plays like a lot of mobile top down shooters. The graphics are really good actually and the lighting is really good, so it's a top notch product.

It’s currently $1.99 on the App Store and if that price is a bit too high then you can wait until it naturally goes down to $.99 at some point.

While we’re on the subject of APB, APB Reloaded is still in development and they’re still updating it. APB Vendetta on the other hand, that’s an entirely different story. That got shelved and in its place, we get a mobile app. Kind of funny, huh?

To change the subject even more, APB is an awesome game and you should play it. I really enjoy playing it every now and then. It’s definitely a game that takes some time to get into because you have to learn where people are going to shoot you from and find a weapon that works for you. There is a lot of interesting and cool game modes like team deathmatch that work out a little bit better.

In other news, Warhammer Online is now finally gone. While writing this part of the column I’m kind of tearing up a bit. It’s so sad to see WAR gone. Really, really sad. It was a good game. The graphics were terrible and the mechanics were messy, but it was a good game. It was fun to play the battlegrounds every now and then.

I wish Mythic had made some better choices when it came to development. APB made some horrible choices at launch but GamersFirst came in and made the game something more. With WAR, I can only hope that maybe someone will buy the game from them and reimagine it.

Then again, we’re so far from when it launched and technology is so different, would it even be worth it? Plus the elephant in the room: the licensing. Warhammer is a license, a REALLY big one, so yeah. Kinda scary to think about. I don’t want to ever forget WAR. I hope it finds a home somewhere on the Internet.

See ya next week!

Never forget Warhammer Online.


I still don't own a PS4 ;-; Still like for real I still can't find one.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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