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first Dungeon that Guardian players will encounter is a twisted hive of
fairy activity known as the Realm of the Fae. Located in the starting
zone of Silverwood, this lush area of brightly colored flora and fauna
is no ideal spot for a picnic. 

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Group Configuration:

In keeping with its status as an intro to dungeons in style="font-style: italic;">Rift
, Realm of the Fae is fairly forgiving on group composition (you see
what I did
there?) With this in mind, this is a perfect opportunity for cleric or
to take over the tanking duties while a Chloromancer heals the group.
With the large amount of trash mobs residing here its best to bring
either a heavy AoE group or a highly stealthy one.


Before running this instance players should make sure to pick up a
quest from Shyla in Sanctum. The other two available quests will be
provided once inside the zone.  

style="text-shadow: none;">Lords of the Fae Realm

style="text-shadow: none;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Starts: Realm of the

From: Given
upon zoning in

Successfully vanquish the four boss encounters of the zone.

The Land of

Realm of the Fae

From: Nuna

Perform a blessing on the five altars in the zone.

The Crown of

Runic Descent

From: Shyla
Starhearth - Sanctum

Find the Brazier of Winter's End and destroy the Crown of Seasons


Trickster Maelow

style="width: 500px; height: 283px;" alt="rift Trickster Maelow"

of the Fae follows a windy path that takes you on a journey through all
four seasons. Although a good portion of the trash packs can be
skipped, it may be more prudent to mow them down as you will be
completing this instance during the leveling process.

Following the trail you will encounter one altar before the first boss,
and then one right after the encounter..

Maelow doesn’t like to fight fair, but once you have dealt with his two
lifewards, the fight is a piece of cake. The tank will engage all three
mobs and hold their attention while the DPS burns them down. Kill
Lifewarden Celoah first, as it gives the boss an increase to damage
output and then dispatch Brae to remove a damage shield from Maelow.
Maelow lives up to his title as he randomly morphs party members into
rabbits, this effect is dispellable. The only other ability employed by
the boss is a moderate stun that is easily healed through.


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alt="Rift Luggodhan"

Our next victim is Luggodhan, a bright blue fae-lizard
abomination that enjoys sliming its opponents. There are no tricky
mechanics or adds to deal with in this fight – just avoid the slime
when its cast. The slime is an AoE ability that does heavy damage and
snares anyone caught standing in it, which can be a fatal combination –
but one that is easily avoided. Should the tank get targeted with the
slime the best strategy is to run directly through the boss to avoid
the effect.

Battlemaster Atrophinius

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alt="Rift Battlemaster"

Not happy about the lack of Ale

The most menacing part about the Battlemaster Atrophinius
encounter is the boss’s name, who starts out friendly but gets pissed
when he learns you smashed up all his booze. There are two abilities to
be dealt with
here and two adds that aren’t. Atrophinius has a frontal cleave, so the
tank will want to face him away from the group and he also will do a
random charge with knockback. Tanking him with your back to a wall will
help keep the fight more manageable, but there isn’t too much to it –
burn the boss and the adds disappear when he falls.

Fae Lord Twyl

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alt="rift realm of the fae map"

After the fall we
enter into the land of winter and the domain of the final boss mob –
Fae Lord Twyl. Make sure to hit the final altar before you engage the
boss, it is found just after the zone transition up a snowy embankment.

Twyl is a multi stage encounter with three mini-bosses
encountered before he makes his appearance. There is a brief period of
respite between each stage so take that time to eat and drink if

Stage one is where we find the Avatar of Autumn who
will randomly stun a party member. This ability can be interrupted but
there is no need to worry about getting them all – save your interrupts
until he targets the healer.

Our next foe is the Avatar of
Summer, a bright little flame who can’t seem to hold it together.
Throughout this encounter the avatar will split apart as it is damaged.
Each split will halve itself as the process continues so AoE effects
are highly desirable here. Don’t let this hot mess worry you too much
however, as each split results in a weaker version than the previous

After summer has been extinguished the Avatar of Spring
will pop up. This meddlesome treant will call forth swarms of bee-like
adds throughout the fight to help him. The adds are non-elites and are
easily dispatched, expect between two to four waves depending on group

Once you have weathered the seasonal avatars, the Fae
Lord will make his appearance. This is a rather long fight due to the
bosses hit point pool but the environment here may be more dangerous
than the boss. Throughout this encounter a glowing green ball of light
that paths around looking for players to zap. Making this seemingly
easy mechanic a bit harder is the boss’s only ability of note – a deep
freeze that can hold you right in the path of the wandering light.
Minimizing this damage, and not falling off the platform that the fight
takes place on are the keys to this fight, so take it slow and steady
for victory.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016