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One of the shortest dungeons in the normal progression instances and
also one of the easiest, Fall of Lantern Hook is the final tune-up
before preparations begin in earnest for tiers 1 and 2.  Set
in an alternate reality, this vision of a bleak future in which the
dragon Maelforge has been freed and unleashes hell on Telara will give
the Ascended ample reason to stay vigilant in their continued

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Group Configuration:

The standard version of Rift
grouping works well here; with 2 DPS, support, healer and tank being of
virtually any persuasion. Having a support that can provide off-healing
is optimal and even a cleric tank with their self heal and group heal
abilities being highly useful due to tons of AoE fire damage. Bards,
Chloromancers and Justicars are all excellent choices here, and CC is
virtually non-existent, so bring the heaviest hitters in the damage
department that you can find.


Just like the rest of the instance, quests are short and simple. There
are three quests here, one that you get upon zone in that has you kill
all three bosses after freeing the zones other two quest givers, and
two that are given by the aforementioned newly freed prisoners.

style="text-shadow: none;">Hope Still Burns

style="text-shadow: none;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Starts: Fall of
Lantern Hook

From: Given
upon zoning in

Free the prisoners, speak with them and then kill the zones three

Wash it Away

Realm of the Fae

From: Helena

Kill 6 fanatics

Against the Odds

Runic Descent

From: Karkh

Activate the three Ethian Orbs



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Zoning into FoLH finds you swimming in a well, surrounded by some
rather nasty guards who are busy tending to their prisoners. Dispatch
the guards to open up the first two quest mobs, take your quests and
then pause for a few moments to allow some other trash mobs to spawn.
Work your way around the circular room clearing any trash and then rush
the mini-boss at the top of the walkway, opening up the rest of the
zone for you.

The first boss encounter is Rorf and his not-so-friendly companion,
Scratchy. This is a fairly straightforward fight as the tank will aggro
both mobs and keep their attention while DPS burns first the kitty and
then his ugly dog-man companion. Rorf will occasionally spring
backwards and begin to heal his pal, so the tank needs to close the
distance and interrupt the mending. While the mending isn't that big of
a deal – the distance is. Failure to stay in melee range will also
cause Rorf to begin casting a nasty nuke, so keep him within arms reach
for an easy win.

Pyromaster Cortilnald

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The second encounter of the instance, Pyromaster Cortilnald, is a 2
phase fight with annoying bits of fire on the ground that must be
avoided. Seasoned MMOG veterans will no doubt be used to the whole fire
on the ground routine by now, and keeping out of it is really the only
difficult part. The encounter  begins when the last bit of
trash is cleared from his room, this will begin a series of waves of
adds that can be easily picked up by the tank and burned down – don't
worry if you miss one or two though, they don't hit that hard. Once the
boss spawns, the tank will pick him up and hold him while the party
finishes off any remaining adds, then they can begin damaging the boss.
His only real trick is an intermittent teleport that happens four times
during the fight – simply reengage him at his new location and be sure
to avoid the large jets of flame erupting from the ground.

Emberlord Ereetu

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The final boss of the zone, Emberlord Ereetu, is a single phase
encounter that barely tests the DPS reaction time and only puts the
healer to work in the final 10-15% of his health. The tank can charge
the boss in the middle of the room and pivot him away from the group,
so they can avoid his frontal fire cone damage.  The boss will
periodically spin about and target someone by sending a flaming cluster
of crystals their way – move out of their AoE range and continue to DPS
the boss. You only need to move the boss when he targets melee and even
then the amount of movement is minimal. Save your cooldowns for the
last 15% of his life as he because extremely agitated and can hit like
a 'roided out Sammy Sosa.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016