The Elementalist

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Primary Attribute: Int

Leaving little to the
imagination, the
Rift Elementalist
is master of the four elements. Part of their
prowess and power is derived from their summoned combat pets that
serve a variety of roles. If any of the various souls in style="font-style: italic;">Rift is
custom made for the old school EverQuest
mage; this is it.


  • Highly versatile soul
  • A pet for every situation
  • Decent damage output
  • Pairs well with other souls


  • Glass cannon without their pets
  • Lacks group synergy
  • Boring DPS rotation


The Elementalist is a DPS
soul that
relies on combat pets and a pretty straight forward approach to
damage to get it done in Telara, no sneaky drains or DoTs here. The
first pet that is ripped from the alternate planes that surround the
world is the Earth Elemental – a tanking pet with moderate threat
generation abilities. The second pet in the arsenal is the Air
Elemental, a DPS pet that is the perfect companion choice when in a
group that has a dedicated tank. The final elemental available, and
one that is unlocked fairly deep in the root tree is the Greater
Water Elemental – a crowd control specialist that finds most of its
work in PvP, but can come in handy in dungeons as well.


Solo Play

The Elementalist is the perfect solo
soul for the Mage calling as their excellent pets and moderate damage
output are well suited for a quick leveling experience. In addition
to the summoned friends, the Elementalist has several other great
survivability abilities; including a root, a damage shield, damage
reduction and a self heal. The Elementalist also possesses a rather
solid mana regen mechanic that can help minimize any downtime.

Group Play

Elementalists will also
find themselves
welcomed into groups as their damage output is good and they are
fairly self sufficient. Although they lack the utility of other Mage
souls that specialize in crowd-control or buffing, the Elementalist
can prove invaluable when things hit the fan and their pets can be
called upon to reorder the chaos.

Pairs Best With


Similar in many ways, the
and the Elementalist are a nice match without being a complete
duplication of abilities. Using the power of wind and water, the
Stormcaller has several abilities and talents that increase the
Elementalists abilities as well as adding some powerful single target
and AoE snares.


Usually when I recommend a
pairing with
Pyromancer it is always implied to be the dominate soul, not so when
mating it with an Elementalist. Using the Pyro as a secondary or even
tertiary soul will help create a much more powerful pet class build
with talents that significantly increase the fire damage done by the

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016