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href=""> style="font-weight: bold;">Calling: Warrior

Role: DPS


Warriors are divided into two basic subgroups; those that can take a
beating and those that bring the hurt - the Paragon is definitely among
the latter.  In fact there may not be another soul in this
calling as effective as delivering a beat down. Utilizing powerful
combat techniques and moving with a fluid grace, the Paragon is like a
dual wielding, plate wearing martial artist. Whether as a
focal point or a minor component, there are some powerful talents here
that pair well with the other DPS souls.


  • High damage output
  • Integral part of top warrior
    DPS build
  • Able to deal damage to
    ranged opponents
  • Well suited for soloing
  • Able to interrupt casters


  • Less mobile than other
  • Relies almost solely on
    avoidance with limited mitigation
  • Can feel weaker than other
    souls at early levels


The Paragon is an offensive powerhouse that combines the feel of a
martial artist with the power of steel.  A heavy Paragon build
can be the ticket to a fast and smooth leveling experience from level
20 onward, combing high dps with some decent crowd control. 
Even though the Paragon gains a talent to increase their base movement
speed periodically, the soul lacks an ability to quickly close the
distance on an opponent that some other warrior souls enjoy.


An excellent solo class that pairs high damage output with fun
gameplay. Many of the Paragons abilities are reactive in nature,
requiring players to pay attention to procs and triggers. These follow
up attacks act similarly to finishing moves, but will award attack
points to keep the killing spree rolling along.


As of patch 1.3 the Paragon has continued to rise into the top DPS soul
in the warrior calling. Utilizing its synergy with other DPS souls and
factoring in current itemization, a dual wield Paragon build has
incredible damage output.  Be careful when allocating your
talent points however as several builds are highly dependent on raid
buffs. Running a raid-centric spec without the needed buffs can leave
you feeling power starved and actually lower your damage output.

Best With


Mating a Paragon with a Riftblade makes for one of the best cloth
killers in the game.  The added magical damage and ranged
attacks will also help mask the fact that the Paragon struggles to
close distance on opponents.  At 6 points into the tree:
Freeze Armor will slow an enemy by 50%, couple this with the 50%
movement speed increase of Fleet of Foot for maximum benefit.


The constant companion of any build, the Champion pairs well with
nearly every soul but its upside to a Paragon build is without
compare.  Crazy amounts of DPS increase talents, an AoE root
and Blitz (which makes Bull Rush available in combat) as early as 11
points into the tree makes this a must have for the Paragon. Set your
sights on about 21 points in this tree for a top notch raid/dungeon

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016