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With a game that was
hosting href="">community
building events before it even launched, it's no surprise
that one of
the strongest elements of Rift lies directly in its
One of the premier communities in Rift is a gaming family on the
Faeblight shard known as Gaiscioch.
This long running multi-game
guild has been at the forefront of player driven events since their
days in Dark Age of Camelot style="font-style: normal;">and
has continued that tradition in Rift
with their epic server-wide
Tuesday night event known as The
Telara Saga.

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style="font-style: normal;">This
objective based, player driven series of adventures spans several
months and incorporates many aspects of the game. The first iteration
just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and the second event is kicking
off tonight, September 6 style="font-style: normal;">th style="font-style: normal;">
at 6pm CST. Players from both factions are encouraged to come out and
participate and help further advance the already compelling story
that is being told.

style="font-style: normal;">Here
is the official announcement that the clan's leader, Foghladha,
recently put out;


The Telara
Saga: Fall Of The Dragon Cults

The Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community is pleased to
the second season to their smash hit "The Telara Saga" for
the Trion Worlds title RIFT. The first season took the Guardians of
the Faeblight server on a 22-week adventure filled with PvP, PvE, and
Roleplay. Each week progressing toward the overall goal of sieging
the Defiant capital of Meridian. At it's height over 500 players
joined in the adventure and worked together to conquer zones, defeat
invasions, and complete zone events.

The Second Season returns to it's 22-week format with
an all
new twist to the story as both factions unite to dismantle the Dragon
Cults. After learning of the Endless Court's plan to use the hatred
between the Guardians and Defiants to foster a war among brothers and
their alliance with the other Dragon Cults, the Telaran people
realize that their only victory comes through unity. With the
strength of the Guardians, and the intellect of the Defiants, Telara
shall be saved.

Be sure not to miss the next season of this exciting
exclusive, public community driven cooperative event, happening every
Tuesday at 6-9PM server time. Participate in the events that unfold
as the united Telaran front takes on the Dragon Cults. All levels

Visit href=""
for full season 2 schedule and additional information.

About the Telara Saga

The Telara Saga is a large public community driven
event in
RIFT, exclusively on the Faeblight server. It began the first Tuesday
after launch and provided players a common ground to make new
friends, learn about RIFT, and participate in large scale warfare.
The initial season brought over 500 people to a single battlefield.

The team behind the Telara Saga began leading Public
Events in Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption in 2000 in the form of a
tale called " href=""
in Prague". The story ran for 1 and a half years and had
over 300 participants before it was discontinued. In Dark Age of
Camelot they took it up a notch, by organizing large scale Dragon and
Relic Raids. These events typically had over 200 people in
attendance. In Warhammer Online they became very well known for their
smash hit "Battle For Badlands". The event went through 3
seasons and brought to the field more than 1,000 players, 600 of them
in the same battle. The Telara Saga team has more than a decade of
community event hosting and is looking to make Telara Season 2 the
best yet.

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With content
for all level
ranges, even new players to Faeblight can find ways to participate,
and who knows? Maybe you will find your new gaming home there.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016