I have struggled over the last few days about how to or even if I should report this news. Frogster Europe has been and will be running a contest (for three more days) for their European servers. This contest gives European players a chance to locate Runewalker in game and challenge them to a dual. It is somewhat like a one player dungeon with the chance to win real world cash. If you CLICK here you will see all the particulars.

Why am I reporting this here? Well for two reasons.

One) Ten Ton Hammer is not just a US site. It is true that the vast majority of our daily viewers are probably from the US and all of the Runes of Magic players I know are on a US server however, majority does not equal all.

Two) the fact that a free-to-play title can support any kind in game contest for real word cash is nothing short of amazing. Admittedly I have not played thousands of MMOG’s like some of our writers have but, I have never seen a subscription based MMOG let alone a free-to-play option offer real world cash outside of a specific tournament or marketing promotion that usually generates large amounts of cash for them so giving a away some monies is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. With this there is no huge gimmick for the company. It is simply some GM from Frogster jumping on an elite character and rolling with the regular folk.

While this is not in the US I am still pleasantly surprised that Frogster has done this. It also gives me hope that something like this could be possible on the US servers at some point.

  • If you are on the EU servers happy hunting!
  • If you are on the US servers here is to hoping!!
  • If you are on any servers what do you think about a company that does something like this?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016