There is lots of information out there regarding the new
expansion.  What better way to take a look at things than to
have a player who is in game to evaluate what it all could mean.
 At the announce ment we had our resident Runes player
ZeroMerc trying to find if there is deeper meaning.

New Runes

We are getting new runes. This can mean one of two things.
obvious one is that since the game is getting 5 more levels then the
runes are getting stat increases as well. The not so obvious
possibility is that this could also mean they are diversifying some of
the target="_blank">other types of runes in the game
such as the guild runes or maybe even adding professions. Then again, I
do doubt the inclusion of new professions due to the fact that is a big
enough deal I think they would mention it separately which the Frogster
team did not.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016