By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley

style="font-weight: bold;">The Goblin Village

Originally this place was a human mining compound, but they were later
frightened away by goblins. The little creatures intended to transform
it into
one of their centers. It was there, where under the guidance of King
Hammertooth, they established the Hammertooth Empire. Even though the
compound is called “Royal Fortress”, the goblins residing there can’t
with the term.

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The village is a small cluster of huts protected only by a
simple, wooden
palisade. Now a peculiar large machine stands in the middle of the
relentlessly making noise day and night. Nobody knows exactly what it
is, or
what the goblins intend to do with it.

The Din Machine

The Din Machine has a remarkable history of development. The
goblin cave
which was situated on this patch of land now known as the Goblin’s
was overrun by agile adventurers. They enslaved the goblins and found a
rich deposit of ore, which they sought to exploit. For several reasons
human’s leaders decided to stop further development. After that one of
goblin slaves by the name of Kyrm Hammertooth united his people and
incited a revolt. They drove away the humans from the compound and
founded a village. Later on he used the digging and forging skills he
learned from his former masters to produce weapons and tools. The mine
to become the centre of a new goblin empire, called the Hammertooth

But it is just a harmonious name. The goblins quarrel with
each other on a
daily basis and everybody behaves according to his own will. Not even
of the goblins of the Bloodhound Hill and of the Din Mine know that
have something akin to a realm of their own. Of those who do know it,
have ever heard of a King named Kyrm Hammertooth.

That is why brave adventurers can venture into the Din Mine
hesitation, generally speaking, either to mine for themselves or to
steal the
ore from the goblins. Disunited as they are, they have no chance to
Those adventurers ridicule the goblins as tumultuous monstrosities and
jokingly refer to the Mine as Din Mine. But even in the face of human
aggression and the impotence of his clan, the courage of Kyrm
does not wane.

On a secret journey he changed, but even though he told no one
about it,
other goblins have started to feel different lately as well. They are
more vigorous in battle and more dangerous. Silverfall’s shamans think
mysterious powers in the Din Mine are at work. In the future humankind
will have to admit, that the noisy goblins from the darkness are
foes that should be feared.

Lake of Eternal Silence

The Lake of Eternal Silence is much-vaunted as one of the
three most
beautiful landscapes in all of Aslan valley. It is completely
surrounded by
deep forests and no motion hampers its plane flawless surface once the
has flown into it. Like a vast mirror it dominates the scenery and due
to the
composition of its bottom no waves can be seen. The reason behind the
Silverfall village being built on the shores of the Lake of Eternal
Silence has
something to do with the water of its spring. Silverfall was once a
settlement and the spring water was called “soul spring” in their
The shamans believe that it is a medium for the mountain spirit’s
and indeed the Lake of Eternal Silence is a mysterious place.

New Moon Forest

This is a region of the Aslan valley, where it is getting
colder and beasts and
monsters are becoming more numerous. You have to pass through this
on your way to the Highland of Ystra; it is an important hunting ground
which is often crossed by adventurers. While many people waited for the
completion of the Tavern “The Distiller”, it swiftly evolved into an
meeting point for this area.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016