Frogster Interactive describes the Dual Class System
in  href=""
target="_blank">Runes of Magic (RoM) as a chance
to blend the skills of two classes to create “multi-functional
all-rounders” and to express character interpretations for roleplayers.
Of course Frogster couldn’t relay the full depth of the Dual Class
System in the five paragraphs used to describe it on their site, so I
still had a lot to learn when I started playing, and it took a little
trial and error to understand how dual classing affects gear, skills,
talent points, and experience. Eventually, I discovered some things on
my own, and many members of the RoM community also did a terrific job
of creating some guides. I’ll share my early experiences with leveling
a 16 mage/10 knight.

Character Creation – The
First Choice

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Ralsu isn't
the only gamer who went through an identity crisis during the holidays

RoM has six classes at this point with two more rumored to be on the
way. Players select their first class at character creation, and this
initial class will always be a part of your character. The choice is
permanent, so choose carefully.

The true tank of the bunch, and the only class that can wear
plate, is the knight. Their skills include ways to generate hate and
holy-themed damage abilities that consume mana. The warrior can wear up
to chain armor and is a master of melee weaponry. Like knights,
warriors can equip a shield. Rage accumulated during battle fuels
warrior talents, most of which deal damage and debuff enemies at the
same time. The class has a taunt, too, and makes a good off-tank in
their chain armor.

Rogues greatly resemble standard D&D fare with their
sneaky antics and love for wielding daggers. They use energy as their
power source to slip into and out of stealth and deliver swift blows.
They are not the major DPS force of other MMOGs based on their standard
attacks. The weak rogues rely on their skill with poisons to deal
continuous damage. By contrast, scouts output high damage with their
ranged weapons. They use intense focus to activate crippling special
attacks and establish themselves as kings of DPS. Both rogues and
scouts wear up to leather armor.

The mage is the arcane caster that deals damage in bursts with
fire, electricity, and wind. Mages use mana and can wear only cloth
armor. The priest is the requisite healer. Priests are able to use
shields but are restricted to cloth armor as part of the caster family.
They expend mana to form water into shields and attack spells while
their prayers heal allies.

I chose a mage for my starting class and enjoyed blowing
through enemies for the first ten levels. I frequently could one-shot
an enemy one level below me.

Level Ten – The Second
Choice and Getting Equipped for the New Class

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An early
quest gave Ralsu a mount for the day.

When your character reaches level ten, you are able to select
your second class by visiting the trainers in the city of Varanas in
the  href=",id2,0,silverspring.html"
target="_blank">Silverspring zone. Again, this is
a permanent decision, so be sure you know what you want before you
commit. You will never get a chance to try another class with this
character. The first thing to do is to learn the ground rules.

When I chose my second class, I was level one again (a level
one knight). I had none of the talents and attributes of the mage
class, so the area around Silverspring was too dangerous for me. The
first thing I did was head to the local house fairy. Once inside my
house, I talked to the attendant and set mage as my secondary class. I
next looked at my equipment. Even though knights can equip all types of
armor, including the cloth my mage uses, gear has level requirements.
As a result, none of my gear would work for my level one knight. It
remained equipped, but it was highlighted in red to show that I was
receiving none of its benefits. Knights can’t use a two-handed staff
like the one my mage carried, so my weapon was useless, too.

After rummaging through my bank for some gear I stored
earlier, I recalled to Logar and bought some more equipment from the
merchants so I would not be naked. Someone in the official
forums  href=""
target="_blank">told me that players can trade
3,000 of the Bierdine tokens they collect from completing daily quests
for a mannequin to place in their house. A mannequin can store a second
set of gear so that a single click allows the player to swap gear when
changing classes. This will be a must-have for any dual class combo
that uses very different gear.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016