Ryzom Ring Impressions, Plus an Interview with Nevrax's Milko Berset and Sebastien Daniel

Our resident Ryzom Ring expert Messiah shares his impressions of Ryzom Ring after experiencing Nevrax's live event last week in Paris, France and speaking at length with Ryzom Director Milko Berset and Marketing Head Sebastien Daniel.

"While I am mainly interested in Ryzom Ring as a method to once again enjoy level design as I used to in FPS and RTS games, there are at least two other big options that it opens up. The first is that it will bring very real, very live RPG elements into MMORPGs. This is something that I think will draw many dungeon masters and game masters into the game, and many players as well. Instead of planning and playing a real life RPG in a room someplace, Ryzom Ring allows you to do almost the exact same thing in a visual manner online with friends all over the world.

The other option that Ryzom Ring will allow is a very simple to use system to make video game based movies or machinima. The tools are all there to take and essentially program in a movie with this tool! From that point you just have to record it and put a soundtrack into it to have your own high-quality movie. With the popularity of video game movies and the lengths that many players of guilds go through to stage and record exactly what they want, this could become a huge attraction to Ryzom Ring, even for people that never planned to play the game!"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016