At BlizzCon 2015 the future of StarCraft II was a big topic. There is mission packs, DLC, paid content, etc. coming into the game beyond the expansion launch next week, along with tons of updates following it as well. The big theme at BlizzCon was that while the expansion is almost here, there will be updates for the game at least through the next year (and we can assume beyond).

So while StarCraft III isn’t in talks yet (I think they’re making a point that multiplayer will probably need a good year to cook, or at least some time to cook before it’s just right), we can continue to explore and advance the story even without new expansions or new games. So that’s good.

There are three main points they provided in continuing content: missions packs which were just introduced, co-op missions which allow you to take a hero and play with a friend, and then paid content which will include content creators being able to charge for maps in StarCraft Arcade.

Mission Packs

Mission packs will be coming out next year. “Nova Convert Ops” will the name in progress of the missions. Nova will be the focus of the first mission packs (at least from what they’re talking about). Nova will be playable along with her black-op forces (re-colors and new skills, hover tanks is an example or stim marines that heal and don’t take damage). They can’t give too many details yet. You’ll be able to equip Nova with items and stuff, as well, it seems.

Cutscenes will be in the game as well, and the entire mission pack (at least for Nova) will be post-Legacy of the Void, so it won’t be a prequel type thing. That technically offers a spoiler that the good guys win in LotV, enough that at least Nova will be alive.

The missions will take the game a few years out from the end, provide some closure for the story (through an epilogue of sorts), and just continue the story moving along. Emperor Valerian will remain the emperor too, we can assume.

Co-Op Missions

These are missions where you can play co-op missions with another player. After the release of the upcoming expansion, they’ll release more maps with interesting mechanics. One displayed was a capture the point map, where you had to hold an objective with a friend. Additional commanders will also come into the game over time. Phase-Smith Karax is an example of a new commander they’re adding, where Karax can utilize call-downs more often than other heroes as he controls the Spear of A’dun. He can also utilize a special chrono-boost that super speeds everything.

Paid Content

Not much was said in regards to paid custom maps. It was addressed in a Q&A, where they noted some core values around StarCraft Arcade. They have no intention to make anything that was free paid now. They’re looking at new games that use the assets and tools provided by StarCraft II Arcade. It’s a distinct individual situation separate from anything done before. They want content creators to be awarded for what they do.

I take that to mean that they’ll be moderating the maps that are for sale often.

A question was asked if official Blizzard Mods are coming like a remake of SC1 and WC3, they’re discussed and possible, but nothing is firm there. We can probably assume that there will probably be some neat official Blizzard maps in the paid content system, but they didn’t say anything.


One final point made is that you should always provide feedback and that Blizzard values your opinion. They mentioned the SC2 Reddit a few times I believe, along with the forums, and social media in general. So if you feel something is broken, feel free to speak your mind, they really want to keep updating the game. One example given is if the game becomes stale, they would be interested in doing redesigns and other things to get it interesting again.

That’s most of the new stuff coming in the next year, it seems that Blizzard is focused on keeping SC2 fresh and updated even past the launch of the last expansion. Which is pretty cool, if you ask me, but time will tell how the community receives these updates.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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