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Play Release 94 Now!

Zone-Wide Vendor Listings!

Fishing Changes! 70 New Gear Patterns!

New Quests, Recipes, Artifacts & More!

Zone-Wide Vendor Listings

A new UI window called “Vendor Listings In Zone” has been added to the game. When players visit a scene, this window can be displayed by assigning a custom hotkey in Options/Controls then pressing the applicable hotkey. Now, players will no longer be required to go from player vendor to player vendor within a zone to see all the items available. This window provides each item’s name, posting date, weight, price, posting character’s name, as well as the player vendor’s name. Players can utilize a variety of sorting options, and a search filter is also available. Also, players can receive compass directions to a player vendor by selecting the item, then clicking the “Get Directions” button on the bottom right corner of the window. Initial design of this interface can still be a bit slow to load in towns with very large player vendor inventories, but the development team will continue to improve the load times for this feature in the releases ahead.

70 New Gear Patterns!

70 patterns have been added to the game. The vast majority of these patterns are for crafted gear such as Bone Armor or Obsidian Armor. Here's a list of the new non-premium patterns that were added for Release 94:

Aeronaut Boots, Aeronaut Gloves, Aeronaut Helmet, Aeronaut Jacket, Aeronaut Leggings, Bear Headdress, Board Headdress, Bone Boots, Bone Chest Armor, Bone Gauntlets, Bone Helm, Bone Leggings, Brown Fur Hat, Bucket Helmet, Clockwork Wings, Cloth Tunic, Dragon Headdress, Fancy Circlet, Fancy Merchant Boots, Fancy Merchant Gloves, Fancy Merchant Pants, Fancy Merchant Shirt, Fancy One-Man Band Hat, Fancy One-Man Band Shirt, Fancy Tiara, Floppy Hat, Gustball Helm, Gustball Jersey, Gustball Leggings, Gustball Shoes, Head Bandage, Holly Wreath Hat, Judgewig, Long Kilt, Luminous Atavist Robe, Merchant Shirt, Merchant Skirt, Miner’s Helmet, Obsidian Hand Axe, Obsidian Plate Boots, Obsidian Plate Chest Armor, Obsidian Plate Gauntlets, Obsidian Plate Helm, Obsidian Plate Leggings, Obsidian Spear, Obsidian Sword, Obsidian War Hammer, One-Man Band Hat, One-Man Band Shirt, Ornate Circlet, Paper Party Hat, Perennial Coast Farmer Tunic, Perennial Coast Farmer Sandals, Perennial Coast Farmer Hat, Perennial Coast Farmer Leggings, Perennial Coast Peasant Dress, Perennial Coast Peasant Slippers, Perennial Coast Peasant Leggings, Plain Stovepipe Hat, Primal Bear Headdress, Shepherd’s Crook, Short Kilt, Short Medieval Shirt, Simple Circlet, Simple Tiara, Spider Legs Cloak, Stag Headdress, Tin Foil Hat, Wizard’s Hat, Wolf Headdress... So many more patterns coming in future releases!

Other Release 94 Additions & Improvements:

  • New Spell: Cone of Cold!
  • Deed Upgrade UI Improvements!
  • Character Sheet UI Improvements!
  • Fishing Loot Improvements!
  • Fishing Bait Balance!
  • 28 New Wax Cylinders!
  • 3 New Artifacts!
  • 2 New Recipes!
  • 1 New Enduring Relic!
  • New Quests!
  • Master Mage Potion Improvements!
  • Salvage Improvements!
  • 3 New Subscriber Login Rewards!
  • 1 New Player Login Reward!
  • MANY quality of life improvements and bug fixes!
  • MANY new loot items!
  • MANY new store items!
  • Reduced Home Prices!
  • Reduced Deed Prices!
  • Much more at!

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to Shroud of the Avatar's Episode 2 content. So many more scenes are coming to the lands of Mistrendur, and as they’re added, the story of this new continent will continue to unfold. More quests, more challenges, and more rewards are inbound, so stay tuned and keep your blades sharpened!


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Last Updated: Sep 30, 2021