Slot machines have long been a favorite among players. Game developers are constantly looking for new ways to refine their slot machines by looking for the hottest trends for the moment. Therefore it comes as no surprise that increasingly more slot machines are being inspired by video games as they generate a huge interest. In this article we will dive into the subject of slot machines with themes based on video games. We start by listing three popular slots centering around popular video games.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare As one of the most popular video games of all times, it came as no shock that a game developer decided to adapt Call of Duty into a slot machine. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (developed by Cryptologic Software) is filled with action, danger and excitement. The slot machine feature five reels and 25 pay lines and numerous rewarding features such as Casino Bonus ”wilds” and ”scatters” along with multipliers.

2. Tomb Raider As many of you know, Tomb Raider is originally a video game series that was later turned into several successfull movies starring Angelina Jolie (and later Alicia Wikander) as the main character Lara Croft. Just like the video game series and movies, slot machine Tomb Raider (developed by Microgaming) centers around British archaeologist Lara Croft who searches for lost artefacts in tombs and ruins around the world. It’s an action packed slot featuring five reels, 15 pay lines and several bonuses waiting to be triggered.

3. Mario’s Gold Mario’s Gold is a slot machine that centers around - yes, you guessed right – Super Mario! The Italian plumber Mario has been a favorite among players ever since he was introduced by video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. Mario’s Gold (developed by Proprietary Games) is set in Mushroom Kingdom just like the original Nintendo game and features five reels and 10 paylines. The quest of the game is to free Princess Peach who has been held captivate by antagonist Browser.

The future of video based slot machines Slot machines and video games have been a favourite pastime among players for many years. Those with a love for a particular game usually want to try other products within the same franchise. Game developers are well aware of this and with the ever growing fascination for video games, we can expect to see many more video based slot machines in the future.

Virtual Reality

Many are of the opinion that virtual reality (VR) will be of great importance in the future when it comes to gambling. Virtual reality is a computer-stimulated experience that replicate a place within a stimulated environment. The technology for advanced VR-experiences is already available to apply onto slot machines, all that is required in order to do so is the conception of an cost-efficient way to find payment models that can finance the development of the tehnology. While we await these exciting virtual reality-based slot machines that are just around the corner, we continue to enjoy the thrills of web-based games and Live Casino on our computer and mobile devices.

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Last Updated: Jun 28, 2018