FanFaire 2009 is finally upon us and I for one can’t wait to
things started. After the initial (though necessary) pain and suffering
known to all of us as airport security was done and over with, it was
time to relax and enjoy a pleasant flight. Unfortunately, that just
wasn’t meant to be.

The flight crew, pilot, and plane itself all did an admirable job, but
it seems without doubt that I am forever cursed to be within a couple
rows of that notorious monster known as a screaming baby.

Despite the popular opinion of my friends and family, I actually do
feel for those parents. I’m sure their feelings of
at having their child assault the senses of a large crowd in an
encapsulated tube of metal shooting through the sky does little for
their mental well being. Add in the fact that there’s nowhere
they can escape to, and you’ve got the prime ingredients for
mental breakdown… for both of us.

The fact that I can sympathize with them still doesn’t save
from the hell of listening to their little ball of flesh wailing behind
me. Luckily, the flight was only a little over 90 minutes and the new
headphones I grabbed last week did a relatively good job at helping me
keep my sanity. After a pain free check-in at Bally’s, it was
time to get checked in with SOE.

Last year, FanFaire was held at the Hilton. It was nice, but at times
felt cramped and some of the panels were off in the dark reaches of the
hotel where even the cleaning crews dare not tread.

This year, the venue is bigger and brighter, but the all the magic was
still alive as players got ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of
EverQuest. The line for registration was unbelievable as people from
around the world lined up to get their badges, the keys to
fun and excitement for the weekend.

I’ve got my badge. I’ve got my schedule. It looks
to be a
great year, and maybe (just maybe) even one of the best FanFaires yet.
Stay tuned for news and more about all your favorite SOE games from
FanFaire 2009!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016