Not Yet Lost in Space

Losing a publisher can be a disheartening event in the development of
any game. Publishers often provide monetary support along with the
means to distribute and market the game in question, which adds up to a
lengthy list of supporting activities. So when Spacetime Studios made
the announcement that they had been dropped from NCsoft's publishing
portfolio, it seemed like a collective groan rose from the MMOG
industry. However, with their recent appearance at GDC 2008 and a
heightened amount of activity on their official site, it looks like
Spacetime Studios and their upcoming MMOG Blackstar are here to stay.
Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller recently caught up with founders Garry
Gattis and Cinco Barnes to find out all the details on the split and
where the MMORPG is going from here.

STS: We are financially stable and able to invest the
time needed to
find the right partner. We were formed in 2005 to develop large-scale,
cutting-edge, AAA video games. We have crafted a superb engine and
tools set, developed a fantastic creative development process and
assembled an eager team of vets. We have complete production pipelines,
internal and external. The split left us in a crazy position of having
a tremendous amount of production power and significant investment in
team, tools, and infrastructure.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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