After spending four years with the Ten Ton Hammer network, Tony
"RadarX" Jones is moving on. His destination is Tucson, Ariz., where
he's taking over the Community Manager position at Sony Online
Entertainment's studio, the same studio that released the well-received
Pox Nora online miniatures game. In this article, the Ten Ton Hammer
staff looks back at Radar's many years with the team, and the many
lives he influenced in the process.

was on a late September evening a lifetime ago in Internet years
(2005), fittingly at an SOE community summit, where I first bumped into
Tony. EverQuest 2 was a huge part of our network at that point, and I
was looking for someone to take over the site. Through a fuzzy alcohol
haze, I discovered that mild-mannered, even-keeled Tony had the
knowledge, skill, and especially the sense of humor necessary to be our
EQ2 lead.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016