Everybody break out your best Scotty impression, it's time to talk
Engineering Reports. In a very cool move, Crytic is providing reports
showing what they are working on and in which stage of development the
improvements currently reside. It's similar to the href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/sto/state_of_the_game_02-2010">State
of the Game only more
specific and shows which ones we'll see first:

The Engineering Report is
broken down into sections.


These issues have been addressed, and are being reviewed internally.
Once approved, these items will be added to one of the next Holodeck
updates. Issues in this bucket are generally
around 2 weeks away from going Live.

Under Investigation

STO Team members are looking into these issues (many times player
reported) to uncover bugs or oddities that will need to be addressed.
Not everything in this section turns out to be a bug, and in some cases
these issues may be specific to some players and require CS
resolutions. ETAs for resolution in this section vary by issue.

In Development

These are features or fixes that have been reviewed and discussed and
are undergoing design time to be implemented in a future update. Issues
in this section are more than 3 weeks away from going

The latest Engineering Report highlights some very interesting

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  • Respec options
  • Ground anomalies are not
    consistently giving the correct level resources
  • PVP Queue updates
  • Fleet Actions will be level
    banded so that players in the map are within range of each other to
    make scoring fairer.
  • Renaming your account @name
  • AI pathing and mission fixes
    for Cage of Fire (Bajoran Fire Caves)
  • Unique items should not be
    allowed to be equipped multiple times on the same character.
  • Klingon stores selling items
    for the wrong currency
  • Leveling up and Promotion
  • Klingon skill tree review to
    remove reference to Fed skills
  • Additional Federation and
    Klingon Bridges
  • Klingon Star Cluster missions
  • Additional Star Cluster
    mission types
  • Klingon ship customization
    for T0 and T5 ships
  • New Fleet Actions and Fleet
    Action updates for both Fed/Klingon
    (DS9 Invasion, Gorn Minefield, Breaking the Planet, Romulan Temple,
    Crystalline Entity)
  • Borg Special Task Forces
    (For Fed and Klingon players)
  • Klingon access to Borg Sector
  • Multi-faction Borg Deepspace
    encounters (Fed+Klg players vs Borg)
  • More emotes
  • More Fed and Klingon ship
    variants at top tiers
  • New Klingon Cruiser
  • Race specific transporter FX
  • Off Duty Outfits
  • Updates to the ship
    selection rooms
  • Removing the bug where
    missions would sometimes get stuck in partial complete progress
  • Rereleasing iPVP maps
  • Players getting trapped in
    geometry in the mission TRAPPED


  • Loading screens freezing the
  • Players will sometimes
    encounter mobs much higher than expected in Deepspace encounters
  • Skill descriptions that are
    confusing or incorrect (on a per case basis)
  • Latency when moving around
  • Long load times when
    entering Sol System or Earth Space Dock
  • /Stuck command not working
    in all cases
  • Objective griefing on the
    Borg Hunt PVP maps
  • Klingon stores not selling
    expected items
  • Weapon beam FX do not stop
    and attach to the player as they move around the map
  • Admiral Zelle issues on the
    Divide et Impera mission
  • Temple Offerings mission is
    not completing properly
  • Updating the timers on
    Klingon repeatable missions
  • Faction settings are not
    being applied properly and powers like “Seduce” can
    be misused
  • Stealth powers allow
    interactions that bypass content
  • Problems when applying pips
    to costumes


  • Death Penalty Options
  • Memory Alpha/Crafting
  • Cross level teaming
  • Multi-Faction
    “Neutral” social areas
  • Improvements to Repeatable
    Mission UI
  • Updating player status
    windows to show the proper ship silhouettes
  • Better notification when
    players are at the skillcap and skillpoints are converted to BOFF points
  • More non-combat mission
  • Options to make missions
    more difficult
  • More replayable mission types
  • Ability to trade bridge
  • Revamp of commodity

Thanks to Stefman for the heads-up, there is plenty to be looking
forward to in these lists. Note that Death Penalty seems to be sliding
down, we'll keep an eye on that one for certain. Anything else catch
your eye?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016