An Interview with Marco van Haren, Marketing and PR Manager for TCoS

For a few months, very little was heard about the dark, fantasy-inspired MMO, The Chronicles of Spellborn - at least very little in the U.S. However, the folks at Spellborn NV are getting close to finalizing their deal with a U.S. publisher and recently held a European press event that featured new screenshots and videos. Since mid-March, news about TCoS has begun spinning about the web, and the Ten Ton Hammer team has been lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Marco van Haren, the Marketing and PR Manager for The Chronicles of Spellborn.

Spellborn's character creation system doesn't contain any sliders. We think that offering many different 'skins' will allow for much more actual visible difference than a slider that enlarges a nose or an eyebrow. While a nose slider might look interesting in character creation, in game these difference are almost impossible to see.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016