Ten Ton Hammer Gets Ryzomized: Seeing Saga of Ryzom On Site In The City of Lights

We in North America know surprisingly little about Saga of Ryzom, a game which has quite a dedicated fanbase in Europe. Game developer Nevrax held a press junket this week in Paris, France to gain some well-deserved publicity for the game. Before we serve the main course of previews and interviews dedicated to the free "Ring of Ryzom" scenario editor to be released this summer, Ethec discusses what's already new and innovative about Saga of Ryzom and finds a surprising amount of local Parisian flavor in the game.

"While it may not achieve the notoreity given to the Napoleonic Code, Voltaire's Candide, or frilly toothpicks, Saga of Ryzom is a world-class MMO that Paris can be proud of. All in all, the game looks solid enough on its own, but the Ring of Ryzom scenario editor (if all goes as planned) will be an industry first. Not to mention the first breath of fresh air online gaming will take this summer, as a July 2006 release is expected for Ring of Ryzom."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016