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Change is a-comin' to href=""> the Lord
of the Rings Online
. The
November update, with the clever and apt official name "November
Update" (the name personally chosen by Aaron Campbell, Producer for
LotRO), goes live Monday, November 29th on North American servers,
right after American Thanksgiving. European servers, which are still in
launch mode for free-to-play, will see these changes "a couple of
weeks" later, according to Adam Mersky, Director of Communications at
Turbine. This will be LotRO's first update since free-to-play launched
in September, and f2p players are certainly in for a treat. So is
everyone else, for that matter.

So what's in store for the end of the month? Check out Ten Ton Hammer's Preview of the November Update for LotRO and find out!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016