Ten Ton Hammer's WAR Guild of the Week 11/010/08- 11/14/08

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is now in full swing and you're having a blast! You've got your Public Quests down, you're questing for the betterment of your chosen faction, and your significant other is wondering what in the hell this "No DPS! HEALS!" chant you keep screaming from the other room is, as you RvR. Yes, life is good in WAR, but you still feel like you're missing something. Playing solo is starting to wear on your experience. What do you need to fix this little problem in an otherwise exceptional game? You, my friend, need a guild. Guilds are an important part of any MMO experience. They provide a sense of commerarderie. They provide a sense of team accomplishment. And most importantly, sometimes they provide off color body function jokes in guild chat that make you laugh so hard, you run straight into a group of order players you didn't see while you were doubled over.

You obviously want to join a group of like minded folks, but how do you make that choice? Easy, you interview them! Ten Ton Hammer realizes the importance of having a good guild to play with and to that end, we present you with our WAR Guild of the Week segment. A feature designed to give you a little insight into the guilds of WAR and help give you a place to start when looking for the right guild for you.

This week we introduce Casualties of WAR, a guild with a Destruction chapter on Monolith and an Order chapter on Averheim.

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Guild Name: Casualties of WAR
Guild Type/Server: Order (Averheim) and Destruction (Monolith)
Members: Roughly 50 active on both sides.  Several hundred across the guild including members on hiatus/leave.
Looking for: Casualties of WAR is a guild for people who are hardcore at heart, but time-restricted due to real life.  We want people whose main objective in WAR or any game is fun, first and foremost.
Guild Website: http://www.casualtiesguild.com


What kind of guild is Casualties of WAR and what are they all about?

The Casualties of WAR is a guild started by bloggers for a place to game together while we explored WAR, but that grew to encompass just about anyone who is looking for a place to call home.  These days, just as we were when we started, CoW is a casual by force of Real-Life guild, that’s up for just about anything Warhammer Online has to offer.  We run PQs, Scenarios, Capture and Defend Keeps, and even work our way through Mount Gunbad and the Bastion Stair from time to time.  Essentially, we’re about maintaining a sense of fun and purpose in everything we do, while not requiring that our members  give up on life to spend 24/7 in the game.


What other games have the Casualties of WAR been involved in and what sort of success have you seen in those games?

Well, honestly, we just got started a few short weeks before WAR launched.  As I said, it was initially going to be a hangout for a few bloggers to use while they played WAR but it grew exponentially as word was spread.  So for the moment, we’re just WAR-bound, but in 2009 we’ll be opening things up and turning Casualties into a Mulit-Game guild across several MMOGs. 


What are the goals of Casualties of WAR in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?

Well, we’re not the Elite/Cream-o-the-Crop on either server.  If you’re looking to be part of one of the most massive and dominating guilds on either Averheim or Monolith, you’d be barking up the wrong tree with us.  That said we’re not void of goals.  In these first couple months, we’ve captured and defended our share of T2 and T3 keeps, and we plan on doing the same with Fortresses in T4 all the way to the capital cities.  The beauty of WAR is that even as a guild you’re not singular in your existence.  Along with our Alliance members, we hope to have a long and prosperous existence in Mythic’s game. From RvR to Dungeons, we’ll be doing it all.


What sort of time commitment are you looking for from members per week? Are there level requirements or restrictions for members?

None, and none.  Our members’ time is their own, and we don’t dare tell them how often they must play.  That said we do have an inactivity period of 28 days before one’s characters are booted.  That’s just to keep the roster current, along with the roster tool at our website.  We’ll take in anyone who can read directions and post their applications with a valid referral.  The mooks we’ll take care of as they come about.


Do you require the use of Ventrillo/ Teamspeak for your guild members?

It’s not required, but CoW uses Ventrilo and it is extremely suggested for use.  We use it for everything from chatting to organized Keep Sieges.  You don’t have to talk, but we do ask that members listen in during guild events, to avoid extraneous typing and retyping. 


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What level of importance do you place on the social aspect of your guild? Is Casualties of WAR all about the end goal or more about the people involved?

We’re definitely skewed more to the people.  It’s about playing together, laughing together, and triumphing (even through our losses) together.  I can’t count how many times we’ve all had fun just dying together.  It’s our motto that the games aren’t about the successes, though they are nice.  The games are about the people you play with, and in CoW those people are just about the best you could ask for.


Does Casualties of WAR charge Guild dues/taxes? If so, how much and what are they used for?

I assume you mean the in-game taxes?  If so, yes.  We have a 20% tax in place, and encourage tithing so that we might claim and hold keeps as often as possible to help the advancement of the guild’s rankings.  If you mean actual real-money taxes, then no we don’t.  We don’t charge that, though we do have a handy PayPal donation button on the site for those members who’d like to help keep our Vent server and website up and running. 


If someone wanted to join your guild, what would be the best way to do so? Who should they get in contact with and is there an application involved?

Currently, we’re in a phase of Friends and Family/Direct Referral recruitment.  That means we’re accepting prospective members who either are friends or family of someone in the guild or those who have been directly referred by other members.  We may open it up further, but for right now that’s where we stand.  If you meet either of these qualifications, simply follow the instructions on the Guild Applications section of the forum (http://www.casualtiesguild.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=9), and I’m sure you’ll be good to go.

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