The Best Glock-18 Skins in CS:GO

Playing for the attacking side, every self-respecting Counter-Strike player has probably looked for interesting Glock skins more than once. And that's unsurprising. The starting weapon looks modest, in no way calling for a hard and driving battle. Actually, there is even some trouble with accuracy.

But there is such a legend that a decorated pistol shoots better and impacts the success of the team in battle. And yet, if you managed to get a rare and expensive Glock Fade or some other skin, you want to play with it for as long as possible, simultaneously mastering the intricacies of shooting at the enemy from cover. 

So we decided to prepare for you several cool Glock skins to help you choose something interesting for yourself or advise your friends.


Let's start with the sensational and most expensive skin: CS:GO Glock | Fade, the price of which can reach over $950. It is interesting for two reasons: the lack of a version with a StatTrak™ counter and a completely unique bolt pattern. It is almost impossible to meet two pistols with an identical pattern in a match. The fade color will be slightly different. 


The skin for this gun is made according to the principle of "graffiti through a stencil" and this is a very interesting and fresh idea. It is noteworthy that on the handle a special forces soldier is depicted in the guise of an angel with wings. And on the barrel, we can see knives, fire, and shells on a dark crimson background. We will not go into the conspiracy theory, but this is definitely a very beautiful Glock from CS:GO. In addition, the pattern does not change depending on its wear. It just fades a little.

Royal Legion

Here the creator took their job really seriously, giving the shutter a pattern in the form of an engraving with oak leaves and wings. We must say, it looks as fresh and unusual as possible. We would like to see such creativity on weapons of larger dimensions. 


Fixed parts of the Glock-18, like the bottom of the case and the handle, were also not left without attention. They are uniformly dyed brown. When the Float Value is changed, the gun is covered with a layer of patina, but the texture remains unchanged.

Synth Leaf

Another interesting Glock skin in CS:GO, which has many colored patterns. This makes it very difficult to find two identical pistols. The whole body is decorated with a pattern of banana leaves in blue-purple. However, dark green shades are also visible. In "Battle-Scarred" condition, half of the skin is erased, and this makes the gun look a little creepy albeit with a certain charm.


And again, we have engraving, but more sophisticated. Disfigured ghosts are depicted on a black background, which is noted in the name of this Glock pistol from CS:GO. If you are crazy about the occult, mysticism, and otherworldly objects, you should definitely buy yourself such a toy. It looks top-notch in any condition and costs less than a dollar without StatTrak™ in Factory New condition. In addition, the barrel is completely black, which will also appeal to many.


So we reviewed five of the most appealing Glock-18 skins available in CS:GO today. They vary from bright and colorful patterns to modest and dark ones. Also, the Counter-Strike fan can choose any design they want, from engraving to patterns.


And while Glock-18 isn't the best weapon inside the game, the skins for it are truly awesome.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2023