The past two decades have given us every kind of slot you can dream of, starting from basic fruit machine slots to more advanced, multi-reel style games. Each slot is different that the one before it, each with a unique theme, and each designed to meet the needs of the user. However, in an era where the younger generation is beginning to take over when it comes to entertainment demand, gaming developers are beginning to see a trend and are responding by trying to meet that trend as best they can. For generations such as millennials, gaming has played a huge part in their life and has had a huge role to play in how they engage with entertainment as a whole. From basic arcade games to sprawling RPGs that have come wildly popular, it’s impossible to deny the effect that the gaming industry had had on these generations.

RPGs have become particularly popular, with storytelling becoming an increasingly important part of modern entertainment. Players can enjoy RPGs at an online casino such as Casino Euro, where they can also play more traditional slots and everything else in between. But it's the newer games like RPGs that are exciting younger players. These range of games are available simply because these younger players had become bored with the same old slots offered by many online casinos, with the No 1 complaint being insufficient progression.

What are RPG slots?

After listening to this complaint, software developers worked hard to establish a new kind of game. That's where RPGs came in. An RPG slot is a game that features many of the mechanics we’ve come to expect from a traditional slot. The differences between an RPG slot and a traditional slot, however, are that they feature a level progression system and have been given storylines. While many slot players see bonus content as a nice addition, others view these mini-games as being integral to a slot, especially those with an overall story.

When developers realised that they could take this even further, rather than triggering mini-games with events, they created slots where they became the focal point. So, in an RPG, we have a game that is a complete story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is appealing in itself and gives the players a goal, rather than just waiting for the right combinations to form. So far, so good.

And so now we're going to take a look at three of the best RPG slots to play in 2019. Enjoy!

Wish Upon a Jackpot

No list of best slots would be complete without Wish Upon a Jackpot. Inspired by fairytale lands, this slot allows you to dream about how great life would be if each of us had a fairy godmother.

Unless you fantasise about dancing cheek-to-cheek at a fancy ball, you can get a lot from this one; it’s just that it's in the form of a jackpot rather than romance. Don’t worry, though, the theme is spot on. There are castles, frog-princes, magical forests, and glass slippers.

The bonuses are fairy-tale themed as well, in the form of a Rumpelstiltskin bonus cash prize, a Jack and Beanstalk bonus, Rapunzel free spins, and three little pigs free spins. While the slot isn’t the newest on the list, it’s only just begun to appear at the latest online casinos and deserves its place among the best RPGs of 2019.

Wild Worlds

If a slot with feathered heroes as protagonists sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll love this one. And who doesn't love games with heroes these days? NetEnt has gone wild with this one, offering a progressive storyline, multiple bonus levels, and even a split-screen game grid. There’s also the potential to win up to 2,500 times your stake. 

The heroes sum up all their powers in a bid to save the planet from ugly, giant monsters. You’ll find them in the control room where they’re preparing for their bonus and random missions to defeat the aliens.

You’ll need to be up for an adventure for this one. There are numerous bonus features, tumbling reels, and high volatility levels. The story element makes the game more engaging and fun for those who will be spurring on the heroes to defeat the horrible monsters.

Viking Runecraft

From the slot’s transparent backdrop to the look of each symbol, developers Play ’n Go invested a lot of resources into making sure the game is fully integrated with the Norse mythology theme. With the Norse warrior guarding the right of the reels and the ice-capped mountains in the background as examples, they’ve achieved just that. 

The symbols include a hammer, a necklace, a helmet, and an axe. There are five coloured runes acting as the low-value symbols, and Norse gods and goddesses representing the wilds.

You’ll see the Norse Gods Heimdall, Freya, Odin, and Thor himself. You’ll recognise them instantly if you’ve seen Norse-themed movies. Overall, with its huge bonus features, stunning designs, and impressive theme, this is one game that you’ll enjoy every minute of.

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Last Updated: May 29, 2019

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